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Who is the top Dallas chimney sweep?

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Who is the top Dallas chimney sweep?

When submitting a general online search for a ‘Dallas Chimney Sweep‘ or chimney maintenance in the North Texas, gulf coast, and greater southwest region of the United States, the first suggestion to pop up on Google is Masters Services Chimney Wildlife and Plumbing.

That doesn’t surprise me in in the least bit seeing that Masters Services is the largest, most renowned chimney sweep in the nation. When performing a chimney service search on the ‘Home Advisor’ website for the Dallas/Denver/Houston/Oklahoma area, who’s their number one suggestion? You guessed it. Masters Services…Our services are set apart from the rest in our same business because we’re family owned and operated, and have been in the business for a strong 18 years. We know a thing or two about a good old Dallas Chimney Sweep.


A Masters Services full service Dallas Chimney Sweep consists of a complete chimney inspection. At least once a year, our technicians will come out to your home and visually inspect your fireplace and chimney for any repairs that need to be made along the interior and exterior structure of the chimney, and for hazardous soot and debris that needs to be cleaned out. They will get on the roof to inspect the chimney if need be, depending on how many stories your home is. If the inspection indicates that a cleaning is necessary, our techs will prepare the area surrounding the fireplace to protect the living room area (Yes, our chimney sweeps are 100 percent mess free). A long pole with brushes on the ends are used to bring to the surface the soot from the top of the chimney down to the firebox for vacuuming. Our techs use a high powered, specialized vacuum to extract the dirt and debris from the firebox. Lastly, we use smaller brushes to clean the anatomy in the firebox such as the damper and smoke shelf. One more run of the vacuum and voila! Your chimney is as good as new.

Sweeps aren’t time consuming at all either, only taking an hour out of your day!

For those of you who burn your fireplaces for the cold seasons, or even once a year, this sweep is essential in maintaining the health of your chimneys. Dallas Chimney sweeps are a really good packaged deal for wood burning and gas fireplaces alike. They keep your fires “healthy”.

Chimneys are the most overlooked appliance in the home, but overlooking them could cause dangerous consequences. Fireplace burning season is right around the corner, literally. You still have time to get your chimneys inspected and ready for the winter and holiday season.

We at Masters Services, (972) 877-4650, make Dallas Chimney Sweeps inexpensive and easy to access because we know that having this annual maintenance of your chimney is vital. See for yourself. Google: Dallas Chimney Sweep; Masters Services, Inc.

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