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Trust Only the Best Chimney Sweep Dallas has to Offer

Chimney Sweep in Dallas

Now that we’re pretty much between fireplace seasons, it’s a great time to hire the services of a certified chimney sweep. Dallas chimney owners may call 972.877.4650 to schedule an inspection and/or a professional sweeping. We can clear your chimney of animal nests in a careful and humane fashion.

There are some fascinating traditions and superstitions about chimney sweeps. In some European countries, true believers grasp a button of your coat when they pass a chimney sweep on the street. Some superstitions say that if a bride sees a chimney sweep on her wedding day, it portends good fortune. While we don’t know if all of this is true, we will tell you that if you burn anything in your fireplace, you are going to require the occasional services of a chimney sweep. Dallas is a great town in which to live and work, but the chilly seasons can be rather, well, chilly. It’s nice to curl up with a book in front of a roaring fire when it’s cold outside. It doesn’t take a real long time for creosote and soot build up on the inside walls of a chimney. The only sure way to remove this dangerous crust is to hire a chimney sweep. Dallas residents know to call on Masters Services for all of their chimney cleaning and wildlife relocation services.

Wildlife stuck in the chimney – our experts can assist

Wildlife relocation? Yup. Chimneys are warm and dry and every once in a while, a wild animal may stray into a chimney while trying to escape inclement weather. If there is an animal or a nest up in your chimney, it must be removed before you use your fireplace. Our chimney sweep Dallas company is quite able to gently remove and humanely relocate any wild animals who become stuck in a chimney or set up housekeeping under your home.

You have a choice when it comes to having your chimney serviced! It’s your safety at stake! You deserve to have a competent, chimney professional who has proven by independent, professional level examination that they possess the knowledge and have committed to the character issues you expect from a Certified Chimney Professional™.

We keep current with the new codes, products, materials, and new methods for repairing or upgrading your chimney. If you have an idea for a chimney product and we do not offer that product contact us and we will look into offering it or becoming a dealer for that product. Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional will visually inspect every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep.

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