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It’s About Time For a Chimney Sweep McKinney

It’s About Time For a Chimney Sweep McKinney

Now that fall is beginning, it’s time to think about all the things that you need to do to prepare for the winter season. This includes getting your chimney serviced so that it will be all ready to go when you decide to light your first fire. Having a chimney/fireplace is serious business, and if you don’t properly maintain these components of your home, some pretty undesirable consequences could result. Sometimes, if there are chimney repairs that need to be made and the problem is ignored, more and more problems will stack on top of the original one, and in the end all kinds of repairs will need to be done. In more severe cases, property damage and/or a house fire could ensue. Avoid the negative consequences of not properly maintaining your chimney and call Masters Services before the winter season gets here so that we can help you get your chimney ready to go. This way you can safely and comfortably use your chimney all winter long.

Deciding Whether or Not You Need a Chimney Sweep McKinney

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Masters Services founder and CEO, Chad Murray

The first step to preparing your chimney for the winter is getting an inspection. This should be done annually, no matter how often you use the fire place. Now the situation is a bit different with the chimney cleanings. If you don’t use your chimney very often, you may only need an inspection, without the sweep. As a general rule, we recommend that people get a chimney cleaning for every cord of wood they burn. Now if your fireplace is not wood burning (and you burn gas logs), there’s a large chance that you don’t need a cleaning. Usually, the only instance where someone with gas logs needs a cleaning is if the gas logs were originally installed into a dirty fireplace. We understand that this type of things can seem kind of confusing, but don’t worry. Simply give us a call and set up an inspection. Once one of our trained technicians completes the inspection, he’ll be able to tell you whether you need a sweep or not. At Masters Services, we build the cost of a inspection in to a sweep for your convenience, and the same technician who performs the inspection will be able to do the sweep.

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