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The time to think about Dallas chimney sweeping is now!

Dallas Chimney Sweeping Fireplace Picture

If you have a fireplace, start planning on getting it cleaned now before the busy season hits!

Chances are that with the current summer heat, you have not been thinking much about your chimney and fireplace. Well, it is now officially August and only a few months from cooler weather. Getting a Dallas chimney sweeping done now can help you not only save money on off season specials but also to have any repairs done before you really want to use your fireplace in the colder months.

This year has been pretty incredible when it comes to storms and rain levels, we saw many calls about chimney water leaks. If your chimney was having any issues, getting it looked at now before any snow and ice comes with the winter time. Getting a Dallas chimney sweeping done now will help to ensure that the chimney is not a source of a water leak into your home during the colder months.

When it comes to repairs and your chimney, the best time to get them done, including Dallas chimney sweeping, is when you are not using it to burn. This will help to ensure that any problem that you may be facing on the condition of the chimney or fireplace can be caught fast before it deteriorates further and costs more time and money to repair. When getting a chimney inspection we look at over every point of your chimney from the firebox to the chimney cap to ensure all parts are present and functioning properly.

Getting a Dallas chimney sweeping done on your home should be a part of your yearly maintenance checklist for your home, even if you have not burned that year. Parts of your chimney such as your mortar crown and chase can be affected by conditions outside of you home such as exposure to water, direct sun and so on. In order for your fireplace and chimney to preform correctly you want all the pieces to the “machine” working in tip-top shape. Issues like the chimney smoking, odd smells coming from the chimney, debris falling down into the chimney and any other plethora of problems can arrise when your chimney is not maintained.

When we come out to your home to preform a Dallas chimney sweeping, we start by laying out a tarp to ensure that your chimney sweep is done as a no mess cleaning, then we bring in our tools, the chimney brushes and a HEPA filtered HVAC to ensure that any soot or debris falling from the chimney is collected without getting into your home. We then send the chimney brushes up the chimney about an inch at a time to scrape out all of the creosote from the chimney flue piping. This creosote is captured by the HVAC and disposed of outside of your home.

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