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Regular Chimney Cleaning

Call Masters Services at (972) 877-4650 to schedule a regular chimney cleaning today.

When was the last time you thought about your chimney? For many people, the answer is last winter. However, we are rapidly approaching the end of the summer,and before you know it, winter will be right on top of us. When that first chilly night rolls in, don’t you want to be able to safely and comfortably warm up by a cozy fire with your family and loved ones? If so, now is the perfect time to make preparations so that you can do this. Call Masters Services and we’ll get your chimney all set up. We will do everything from inspecting your chimney to regular chimney cleaning to making you the perfect custom chimney cap. Just give us a call. We have been in business for over sixteen years and we are fully prepared to help you with all of your chimney needs.


So what first? Well, you need to get your chimney inspected before you even think about using it, if you haven’t already had an inspection this year. That’s right: you need to get a chimney inspection at least once a year, even if you don’t use your chimney that often. Many people think that the only time they need an inspection is if something goes wrong or if they use their chimney all the time. This is not the case. To maintain the utmost safety and functionality of your chimney, you need to get annual inspections. If anything is wrong with your chimney, it will be revealed during the inspection. If something is wrong with your chimney and you don’t do anything about it or don’t know about it, and you continue to use it, there could be some pretty undesirable consequences. Sometimes, more problems will build up as you continue to use the chimney… other times, house fires and/or property loss could occur.

Now most people opt to just go ahead and get a regular chimney cleaning when they get their chimney inspected. You don’t necessarily have to do this, though. How often you get a regular chimney cleaning does depend on how often you use the chimney. As a general rule, we recommend that people get a regular chimney cleaning for every quart of wood they burn. If you are not sure if you need a regular chimney cleaning or not, just go ahead and get the inspection and the service technician who performs it can tell you if you need a regular chimney cleaning or not.

Don’t wait! Call Masters Services at (972) 877-4650 and ask about a regular chimney cleaning today.

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