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Gear Up for Winter with a Chimney Sweep Denton

Gear Up for Winter with a Chimney Sweep Denton

We’re getting into one of our busiest times here at Masters Services. After all, winter is right around the corner, and many homeowners are responding to this truth by getting their chimney serviced now. This is really the prime time to have your chimney inspected, swept, and repaired (if need be). If you go ahead and get everything done now, then your chimney will be completely ready when that first chilly night comes around and you want to light a fire. So go ahead and give Masters Services a call, and we’ll get you hooked up with everything you need to have your fireplace running smoothly all winter long.

The Importance of a Chimney Sweep Denton

Do you know the last time you had your chimney swept? We have many homeowners call us and report that they have no clue when the last time their chimney was cleaned. If this is the case, you should probably go ahead and get it done! This is especially true if you use your chimney often at all. Did you know that just as little as 1/4” soot buildup can significantly alter your chimney’s functionality? The fact is that if your chimney is dirty, it’s going to stop venting properly. Some other sorts of issues could arise from a dirty chimney, as well. One example would be soot buildup preventing the damper in a chimney from opening and closing properly. Luckily, fixing this problem is super simple… just get a sweep! Soot buildup can be a potential fire hazard, which is another reason that regular cleanings are so important. As a general rule, we recommend that people have their chimney cleaned for every quart of wood they burn.

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Have You Had an Inspection This Year?

If you’re really not sure if you need a chimney sweep, the best way to know is to get an inspection. You should get a chimney inspection each year, regardless of how often you use your chimney. Many people think that they should only get an inspection if something goes wrong with their chimney, however this is simply not the case. Having and maintaining a fireplace is serious business! Failing to recognize problems that are going on with your chimney could result in house fires and property loss. At Masters Services, we build the price of an inspection into the price of a sweep, so it’s super convenient for you as a homeowner to get both knocked out at one time.

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