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Dallas Chimney Sweep Professional

Why only hire a Dallas Chimney Sweep Professional that is Certified?

Why only hire a Dallas Chimney Sweep Professional tat is Certified?  Chad Murray Certified Master Chimney technician and founder of Masters Services. I started in the chimney industry with my own business 22 years ago. I started with the knowledge of only knowing how to sweep a chimney, install a flue chimney cap, do very minor mortar repairs, and no much else. I did well with what I knew, but knowing what I know now I am fortunate back then something bad didn’t happen. There are many small chimney service companies in Dallas, Texas with that exact resume. They have never been certified nevertheless getting the Master qualification like I earned. Not having any actual chimney knowledge doesn’t get you very far in solving issues and correcting necessary repairs. Once I studied to become a certified I was amazed on how much I did not know about the functionality of a working fireplace and chimney. If hiring a company to deal with your fire safety one would think you want to hire a company that has proven they at least know what they are doing.

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Certified Chimney Sweep Professional Studies

A Certified Chimney Sweep Professional studies the components of the fireplace and chimneys proper usage and function. They have studied the current codes and standards of the fireplace and chimney. Safety usage from a code perspective and sometime common sense comes in to play with what they are inspecting. Knowing how tall a chimney should be within ratio of the firebox or how many elbows is code for the proper install. Diagnosing the failure of a chimney is studied and this is the most I learned from getting certified. Smoking chimneys have many reasons why the smoke. Knowing the proper fix is key into correcting any smoke issue. As a Dallas chimney sweep professional I have proven I care about wanting to be the best in the Dallas market for chimney servicing.

As a Dallas chimney sweep professional I have studied the components for proper installation and function is key into keeping a chimney safe through its years of usage. Seeing a piece of wood holding up the front opening over the firebox is an obvious violation and a fire hazard. Just saw this in Houston on a million dollar home. Customer actually said they will watch it glow to an almost ignition. To my knowledge they didn’t repair it. There are not so easy components of safety that we look for as well. Gaps in lintels, never lined properly, or improper damper installations. If you weren’t trained in seeing these issues you would never know and leave your fireplace open to being a major fire hazard. Call a chimney service that has proven that they know what they are doing to service your chimney. Studying and passing the certified test are not easy but one can pass with effort. Don’t you want to hire someone whom cares about knowing as much as they can about safety in their chosen profession?


Certified Master Chimney Technician

I, Chad Murray, have taken the Certified Chimney Professional test and passed it 3 times to earn my Certified Master Chimney Technician Certificate and have been in business for at least 10 years. I’m a big deal! That is a joke I’ve been telling everyone but I’m proud I earned the Certified Master Chimney Technician status. I am the only Dallas Certified Chimney Sweep Professional to earn the CMCT and only one of three in Texas.

Certified Chimney Sweep

Certified Chimney Sweep Professional

There are two certifying agencies in the US for chimney services. Certified Chimney Professionals and the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Both offer the same kind of testing going off the NFPA 211: Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances.

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Dallas Chimney Inspections

Have your Dallas chimney inspection done every year for safety. You most likely have not checked your chimney from moisture damages, animal invaders, or soot build up from previous years usage. Our certified Dallas chimney sweep professionals can inspect and offer a report if any repairs are needed to bring the chimney up to code. Most chimneys in Dallas get used enough to be inspected annually. Keeping a safe fire burning is our priority. Enjoying your fireplace is our specialty. We have uniformed inspectors, IPad inspection reporting software, and 22 years of experience with Chad training our staff. Call Masters Services 972-877-4650 today.
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