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Plano Chimney Sweep

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Masters Services (972)877-4650 is the Best rated Plano Chimney Sweep!

[title_style_three color=”f41919″ size=”16″]Over 300 positive Servicemagic reviews, perfect Google rating, A+ BBB, Preferred Angies List Memeber, and the only Pest Picks Reports chimney sweep to qualify in Texas.[/title_style_three]

Plano has grown over the years and with every home comes one or more chimneys. Every chimney and fireplace needs to be inspected for fire hazards or water leaks. Our Plano Chimney Sweep services will come out and perform a complete inspection of all the components of the fireplace and chimney.

A chimney inspection should be performed by a Certified Chimney Professional, not just a guy with a brush and a vacuum. Our inspections include:


  • checking for soot build up in the chimney flue and the firebox
  • checking for any critters or birds that have nested or may still be occupying the chimney
  • looking for moisture damage, cracking on the firebox and up the chimney flue
  • checking for lintel seal still in tact
  • function of the damper still opening and closing and rust free
  • checking for brick spalling on the exterior chimney brick, waterproofed
  • mortar crown crack free and solid
  • proper chimney cap functioning as a rain guard, animal guard, and mortar crown protector
  • flashing tight up against the chimney and properly sealed
  • evaluating the proper chimney construction for proper drafting. Is the chimney tall enough? Is the firebox the correct ratio for a proper draft? Is the fireplace opening the correct dimensions for good drafting?
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    Any issues chimney or fireplace issues will be discussed and the proper recommended repairs will be quoted. No work will be performed until the estimate is agreed upon. If a chimney sweep is necessary we will perform a “no mess sweep”.

    Masters Services has been servicing as Plano Chimney Sweep for 16 years. We have grown from just on chimney service truck to six. You have probably seen our trucks rolling around Plano. Our Plano Chimney Sweep has our own sheet metal shop that makes all of our own chimney caps. We also make are own refractory panels and reflector shields.

    Check out our ratings on Servicemagic, you will see we have over 340 awesome rating about our services. This is from actual clients that were recommended by Servicemagic that then after we have completed the job have on their own time filled out a customer survey on us. We are an Angies List Preferred Member. To become an Angies List Preferred Member you must maintain a high level of service to attain this qualification. Of course having an A+ rating with the BBB says it all.

    We are the only chimney sweep to be offered Best Picks Reports. This is a high end publication that you cannot buy you way into its pages. To qualify you must submit your customer list for them to survey about your services. This list is not sold or solicited to any outside provider, guaranteed! The Best Picks Survey department will call your customers as a courtesy for you and survey them on your services, appearance, professionalism, timeliness, and overall experience. Once they have surveyed 100 clients they come up with a score. For every client giving a negetive review it counts as 1 off of 100. You must score at least 92 to be asked to be in the Best Picks Reports. After 100 Masters Services clients were surveys the survey department called and asked for 100 more clients? I was scratching my head and got them 100 more. Once 200 clients were surveyed (100 more than needed) Masters Services sat down with Best Picks Reports to discuss the results. I was not surprised when they asked us to be in their publication. I asked why they needed 100 additional surveys they explained they had never had a company score 100% like Masters Services. So upon the next 100 they also got 100 positive surveys. Thank you Plano for what you are saying about Masters Services.


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