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Is it time for your Oklahoma chimney sweep?

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When you need a chimney sweep to come and clear your chimney you can call an Oklahoma Chimney Sweep at Masters Services. We have extensive experience in chimney and fireplace maintenance with more than 15 years of know how under our belt in keeping chimneys, flues and fireplaces in good working condition. When you are looking at repairs of any kind to your fireplace or chimney, call an Oklahoma Chimney Sweep to help you fill your needs.

While you have a fire burning, there is always the risk of a chimney or flue fire. This danger can easily be eliminated with a cleaning. Prior to cleaning we always do an inspection, to make sure that everything is working properly and in good working condition. During our inspection, we look at the firebox to check for cracks or mortar damage, we double check the damper to ensure that it opens and closes and works as it should, we look in the flue to see if it indeed needs to be cleaned, and we examine the smoke shelf for debris as well as fire hazard cracking. If we see that your flue is dirty and does need to be cleaned we are happy to offer a no-muss no-fuss cleaning solution, using a HEPA filtration vacuum system. This guarantees that there are no particulates or soot in the air and environment.

Getting your chimney sweep before the season starts can save you money!

Sometimes there are animals in your chimney or flue; we can easily remove most critters. Along with removal, sanitizing and deodorizing, Oklahoma Chimney Sweeps at Masters Services are also able to provide an estimate for screening, chimney caps and spark arrestors to ensure that no more animals become unwanted houseguests. This can also drastically improve the look of your home. We have several styles available to choose from and you can see them on our website, along with all of the other services we offer.


Oftentimes we find that chimneys have been overlooked for long periods of time. Many of the services we provide happen to coincide with the purchase or sale of a home. Before you sell or buy it is a great idea to have your chimney or fireplace inspected and cleaned. We are happy to offer a discount when you have more than one fireplace and chimney in your home that needs to be serviced. You can call now to set up an appointment for your new home any day of the week!

When we get your chimney cleaned you may want to have the firebox repainted or touched up. We are adept at doing just that to make your fireplace look great. We can do flue lining, painting and waterproofing to protect your investment as well as your family and loved ones. Please give us a call to set up an appointment for an Oklahoma Chimney Sweep to come out and get your fireplace or chimney in its best possible condition!

When you need an Oklahoma chimney sweep call the pros at Masters Services (405) 236-1111 for fast service!

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