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Meet Masters: Madelyn Murray

Madelyn Murray MS

Madelyn grew up in the family business. Her parents, Chad and Christa Murray are the founders of Masters Services. Which meant, she was always learning more about what it means to be a family company.

Before she was even old enough to acquire a job, she knew almost as much as an employee did! She would come to the office just to chat with our call center employees. Asking them, “When can I work for the company?” or “What does a chimney cap do?”

Once Madelyn turned 16 years old, she was eager to start working. At the time, Masters Services owned a temporary store front inside Stonebriar Mall. Madelyn would greet customers with a warm smile and her kind eyes.

Working at the store-front helped Madelyn get comfortable speaking with customers. Then, Madelyn started answering the phones and scheduling appointments.

Madelyn is now in college to be become a nurse practitioner. She also works at a nearby hospital as a nurse’s assistant. Although, somehow she still finds time to work for Masters Services!

Altogether, Madelyn has the best work ethic you’ll ever see! We are glad she followed along with working for the family business.

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