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How to Verify your Chimney Sweep Houston

Chimney Chase Inspection Before Repair
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There are a number of useful tips to follow in order to verify the professional level of a chimney sweep, Houston residents need to know. This article will work to educate homeowners and even home buyers on how to hire a chimney sweep company with certified technicians.

Check Your Chimney Sweep Houston Reputation

Reputation is everything especially in business. With sites like Yelp, happy and disgruntled customers have a place where they can go to write great and even bad reviews. It is almost impossible these days to hide if a business is not practicing good business ethics but some companies catch a break. A newly formed company might not have good or bad reviews yet, so it will be hard to judge them on their customers past experiences. A highly recommended way to research a chimney sweep, Houston residents should know is using the internet. There are so many website that post customer feedback besides Yelp. Some of these include Angie’s List, Best Pick Reports and even FaceBook and Twitter will have reviews posted at times. One thing to note is that people can falsely post good and bad reviews on any site so you have to be careful. It is the recommended to actually check the companies site. Some companies will list their references and testimonials on their website. To be extra thorough it is ok to call the company and ask for a few phone numbers to references that you can call and speak to.


Certification and Ratings – There are also ratings for businesses that go beyond customer reviews. Some people feel that ratings by The Better Business Bureau are extremely reputable. It isn’t easy to get an A+ rating from the BBB but if a chimney sweep does have such a high rating chances are they are reputable and trustworthy. There is also a neat site called Home Adviser which actually screens and approves companies. A company like Masters Services will display both of their certified icon on their website.

Chimney Sweep Houston Tx

Technicians – An important thing to remember when hiring a chimney sweep, Houston residents need to remember is to also verify the employees of the company of choice. A few questions to remember are; How are they trained? Have they passed the necessary tests? Do they have insurance for their safety and coverage for any damage done to the chimney cap or home? These are questions that can really save a customer time and money in the long run.


So remember it is really important to keep up with the maintenance and yearly inspections of your chimney. Almost just as important as selecting a highly qualified and reputable company. Contact Master Services today for the best chimney sweep Houston has to offer.

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