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Houston Chimney Sweep Services

Masters Services provides Houston Chimney Sweep Services.

Over 300 ServiceMagic (now Home Advisor) ratings, Preferred Angies List Award Winning Member,  and the only to qualified Best Picks Report chimney Sweep in Texas.

Years have gone into building such a great company profile for being an excellent Houston Chimney Sweep Service. It is Masters Services goal to keep and maintain our reputation.

Why choose Masters Services for you Houston chimney sweep services?


  • 16 years of experience
  • Certified Chimney Professional
  • Uniformed Employees, no subcontractors
  • Logo’d trucks
  • Family Owned and Operated (no joke my Mom runs the call center)
  • Over 30,000 satisfied customers (and growing)
  • A+ BBB
  • Preferred Award Winning Angies List Member
  • Only chimney service in Texas to even qualify for the Best Picks Reports
  • No reason not to hire us, we are your absolute most valuable player in the game of Chimney Sweeping
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    What can our Houston Chimney Sweep Service do for your chimney?

    We do quality and honest chimney inspections, and remember we are a Certified Chimney Professional, not just a guy and a vacuum.

    We know all the current and outdated codes to get your fireplace and chimney working properly. This is important, many other businesses have had employees branch out on their own because they have been trained but have no real qualifications. Taking the time to study and learn your trade says a lot about a chimney sweep that earns this certification especially since the State of Texas does not require a certification (which they should).

    We can perform a no mess guaranteed chimney sweep cleaning on your fireplace and chimney. A chimney sweep / cleaning is needed to remove any debris from the firebox up to the end of the flue that is a fire hazard. Soot builds up on the interior of the flue and re-burns when it starts to build up. Think of soot as charcoal because that is what it is. Over time it needs to be removed so a chimney fire does not burn down your home.

    We can repair any chimney or fireplace issue that is in need of repair. Common repairs are cracks in the mortar joints, rusted damper not working properly, deteriorated mortar crown, gas line rusted in the firebox, and water penetration into the house. We can correct any of these and any other repair necessary.

    We can fabricate and install a chimney cap to keep out water and critters. We own an operated our own sheet metal shop just for chimney cap manufacturing. We sell to our own chimney clients as well as other chimney sweeps, roofers, and homeowners across the country and Canada. Why does this matter? The warranty comes from the manufacturer and the installer.

    What does our Houston Chimney Sweep Service offer for your fireplace?

    We sell and install Robert H. Peterson and Rasmussen gas logs. Masters Services knows fireplaces and knows how to properly install gas logs. Many fireplace retailers hire subcontractors to install their gas log sets. Do you want a guy hired just for the fall and winter who knows nothing about your fireplace safety installing a gas appliance to you fireplace? If we sell you a gas log set we will visually inspect you fireplace for free to insure the fireplace is safe to burn. Masters Services guarantees a lifetime warranty on all gas log installs purchased from us.

    We have stock and custom glass doors. Our doors can be custom fit, custom color matched, and unlimited styles to choose from. Unlike big box stores, Masters Services wants to help in the process of upgrading your fireplace with proper fitting fireplace doors. Our Houston Chimney Sweep Services include a free estimate on any fireplace door. We often get calls from Houston homeowners to install an already purchased fireplace door from a big box store because they cannot make it fit properly. This is as simple as it doesn’t fit and they do not carry an in stock door for their fireplace.

    Houston Fireplace Doors

    Why hire an established Houston Chimney Sweep Service?

  • EXPERIENCE! After 16 years of the chimney and fireplace business we still see new and difficult situations with correcting life threatening situations with fire safety. I would not trust any service dealing with fire that has not established their reputation in the Houston Chimney Sweep Services industry.
  • WORKMANSHIP. Wow, I always did my very best with my repairs, but my methods over the years have increased in the quality of work 1000%. Like anything, the first time you do something correct it is good. However after doing it 30,000 times it is light years better than that first time. I think of it as cooking when you first get out on you own and cooking you first real meal, you probably made it edible, but not as good as you make it now in your 40’s and beyond (extra cheese!)
  • EDUCATION. Texas does not require any Houston Chimney Sweep Service to be certified in the chimney and fireplace industry. With that said any business in this field that goes above and beyond to maintain the proper procedures and new codes is something to consider. Anyone can connect a wire, but are they trained on doing it? Masters Services has done all the training to become a Certified Chimney Professional because we care about doing the safest work for all of our customers.
  • REVIEWS. Look anywhere that offers reviews about Houston Chimney Sweep Services and you will find only positive reviews about Masters Services.
  • Masters Services really is the absolute best choice for your Houston chimney sweep services.


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