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Houston Chimney Sweep

Masters Services (713) 723-4854 does fireplace and chimney inspections. The only Houston Chimney Sweep to qualify for the “Best Picks Reports”.

If are anything like me, I love the summer but there is one time that I look forward to even more.
The first day that is cold enough to make a cup of my favorite coffee and sit in front of the fireplace all bundled up reading a cheap paperback or watching a movie I’ve have seen a hundred times. There is something about this feeling that I look forward to all year.

Coffee Cup Cropped

Do not just hire any Houston Chimney Sweep.

Unfortunately for some this is delayed by concerns about things they have maybe noticed in their chimney and not known how to handle. I for one am that person who thinks I can find a solution to any household ailment at my local home improvement store or by using the internet to find some solution I can do at home. I will tell you now, when it comes to chimneys and fireplaces, get a professional. Specifically, someone who is a Certified Chimney Professional, they are trained for a good reason, they are up-to-date with all of the current standards and Houston chimney sweep requirements for safe chimney and fireplace use. To quote from the Certified Chimney Professionals website, “When it comes to fire, would you leave your home in the hands of just any guy with a ladder and a brush?” You do when you do not hire Masters Services, the best Houston Chimney Sweep.

Why you need a local Houston Chimney Sweep.

Have you had any unwanted house guests of the furry type this year? Did your chimney play host to concerts of winged singers serenading you at all hours of the day? Does your fireplace show any cracks? Does your chimney cap look like it has gotten a little worse for wear in this summers storms? Do you have a chimney cap? Any rotting wood in your chase? Odd smells coming from your fireplace? I could go on but I think you get the point; there are a hundred and one reasons that something could go wrong with your chimney. All of these things range from performance issues to sometimes major safety hazards.
Don’t fret; none of these things should stop you from enjoying your fireplace this winter. Getting an inspection from Houston chimney sweep is the best way to ensure that you’re can safely enjoy the use of your fireplace this winter and not have any unwelcome surprises.

Who is your local Houston Chimney Sweep.

Masters Services was founded by high school sweethearts, Chad and Christa Murray in 1995. As their family and business expanded they invited more family and friends in to help with the expansion. They then expanded as the premier Houston chimney sweep and added Chad’s best friend Brian as Co-Owners and wildlife specialists


Brian McMahon Houston Chimney Sweep

Why is Masters Services the Highest Rated Houston Chimney Sweep.

Now in 2013, Masters Services is the highest rated Houston Chimney Sweep in the Houston area. This year marks the 6th publication for Masters Services in the EBSCO Best Picks Reports. As you can see from our reviews on Google, Home Advisor (commonly known as Service Magic) and Angie’s List, our technicians are highly trained and proud of what they do. Don’t take our word for it, check to rating out.

The only Houston Chimney Sweep to Fabricate Chimney Caps.

Masters Services manufactures our own chimney caps. We do not purchase our chimney caps from a big box store. Every professional Houston Chimney Sweep should offer only chimney caps that are lifetime warranted, full protection from moisture damage, and critter proofed. Chimney caps from big box stores do not provide these options, they keep out little moisture and only birds, not squirrels and raccoons. Our caps are fabricated by us to prevent any critters and almost all of the moisture that causes fire damage.

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