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Fireplace Repair Houston Experts from Masters Services are Available

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Importance of Hiring a Certified Fireplace Repair Technician

Get a Yearly Chimney Inspection

If you enjoy a cozy fire at home on a cold autumn evening, then calling fireplace repair Houston professionals for an inspection each year is necessary. Many individuals never consider how dirty a firebox and chimney shaft gets from the numerous ashes of burning fuel. This is because it is difficult to see the interior surfaces of a chimney without special equipment. A certified chimney expert from a fireplace repair Houston business has the correct tools to see the interior of a chimney’s shaft.

Protection from Lethal Smoke

In addition, each geographic region has safety inspection codes concerning the various parts of heating devices such as fireboxes, chimney caps and shafts. When you hire an expert fireplace repair Houston technician, you are protecting family and friends from the dangers of lethal gases and building fires. An inspection of a chimney’s structure should include a thorough sweeping of soot and debris that can prevent adequate smoke emissions. Over the warm summer months, wildlife such as insects and mammals can build nests in a shaft leading to dangerous blockages.

Inspections of Chimney Caps

The fireplace repair Houston expert will also inspect the chimney’s cap for damage from high winds and falling branches. This part of the inspection requires climbing a ladder to walk on a sloping rooftop near dangerous electrical power lines. Amateurs should never attempt this type of strenuous activity that can lead to life-threatening falls or electrocution. In addition to checking the chimney cap for damage, the fireplace repair Houston technician will make sure there are no holes in the roof that can lead to moisture damage of a chimney’s structure.

Professional Uniformed Employees

Inspections and repairs of chimneys and caps are necessary at least once a year to prevent dangerous buildup of creosote that can cause fires. A fireplace Houston certified technician will waterproof and fix cracks in tuck-pointing, mortar crowns and flue linings to protect a chimney’s structure from further moisture damage. If a part of the chimney is beyond repair, then the fireplace repair Houston professional can recommend high quality replacement parts with installation services. Business and homeowners can also feel comfortable allowing our uniformed employees into their homes.

Contact Masters Services Today

Fireplace repair Houston experts from Masters Services are available for routine safety inspections of private residences and commercial properties. Our employees specialize in understanding chimney structures to clean and repair the devices to prevent carbon monoxide from entering rooms. Many building occupants are unaware that their breathing difficulties are due to dangerous gases emitted by fuel burning in a fireplace. Contact Masters Services today to schedule an appointment for a fireplace cleaning and inspection.

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