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Chimney Caps for Roofers

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Masters Services (972)877-4650 installs chimney caps for roofers. Storms create high winds and hail damaging chimneys and chimney caps. Roofers that repair more than roofs have used Masters Services for years to replace damaged chimney caps.

Roofer that currently does not replace chimney caps should call for commercial pricing on our chimney caps. If you are a homeowner in the need for a new roof ask your roofer if your chimney cap is damaged. If so, have them add it to your roof estimate to submit the the insurance and call Masters Services.

Chimney Caps for Roofers Replacement Options

Chimney caps for roofers options are to replace the chimney cap like the damaged chimney cap. However, some homeowners are not aware of the other chimney cap options. In some cases another style of chimney cap may be cheaper, in others they may want to upgrade and pay out of pocket the price difference.

Masters Services can fabricate any chimney cap style. Here is the most common:

Chimney Chase Cover with new Termination Spark Arrestor
Chimney Chase Cover

Stevenson Chimney Cap Shroud<c/enter>
Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap #1 Flat Lid

Masonry Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap #2 Hip Lid
Hip Roof Chimney Cap

Chimney caps for roofers are discounted for commercial wholesale. The roofer can make some money but not overcharge the homeowner. Typically using a roofer or contractor should result in the same pricing to the homeowner.

Masters Services fabricated chimney caps have a limited lifetime warranty. All caps are lifetime in normal weather conditions. Our chimney caps are either powder coated or made from colored steel. Copper chimney caps and other metals are available for more decorative styles.


The chimney can be inspected at the time of our free estimate for the homeowner. This is a $99.99 value. No waiting in the spring and summer like the fall and winter. During our chimney sweep season Masters Services books out for up to a month in advance.


Roofers call Masters Services. Homeowner tell your roofing contractor that Masters Services can repair all your chimney related damages.


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