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Dallas Chimney Sweep Service

Hire a Certified Chimney Professional for any Dallas Chimney Sweep Services.

[title_style_two color=”f41919″ size=”18″] Call Masters Services at 972-877-4650 to schedule a chimney inspection / sweep.[/title_style_two]

Dallas Certified Chimney Sweep

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Masters Services has been a Dallas Chimney Sweep for over 16 years. Founded by Chad and Christa Murray, Masters Services is a real family owned and operated business. Chad and Christa are high school sweet hearts. The first few years it was Chad in the field with one other employee in another truck. Christa did the phones and took care of their two girls.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]A few years went by and one more girl came along when Chad brought his best friend Brian McMahon on board to start a sales department for chimney caps and repairs. Brian excelled the first 5 months selling door to door, so they decided to branch out and expand to Houston. Upon arriving to Houston a position was needed to add another truck. Keeping with the family business, we added Angela, Brian’s wife, to train and become a chimney sweep and wildlife removal technician.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Back in Dallas, Chad and Christa’s Dallas Chimney Sweep Service was growing. Chad had added 2 more trucks and decided to no longer be out in the field. Chad started training and expanding his services to include nuisance wildlife removal.  Now, with three full time trucks and 2 additional seasonal trucks, the call center needed one more person.  Chad knew that his mother Wanda was not happy working in the banking industry for over 40 years and wanted a change in pace. Chad and Christa offered Wanda a job in the call center.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Twelve years down the line and one more girl (that’s 4 now), Chad and Christa needed an in-house bookkeeper or an assistant. The world going in a financial crisis (not the chimney world) and knowing that their were close friends out there with accounting degrees unemployed, Chad called his best friend in Oklahoma and offered him the position.  David has been a true asset to our business model now for over four years.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Around the same time David was hired, a full time employee position came available for a chimney technician. Chad had the perfect person for the position, his step-dad, Rory. Rory has always been very hands on and good with technical issues, making him perfect for becoming a lead tech.[/custom_column]

Masters Services serves as a Dallas Chimney Sweep Service, Plano Chimney Sweep, Fort Worth Chimney Sweep, Arlington Chimney Sweep, Richardson Chimney Sweep, Garland Chimney Sweep, Southlake Chimney Sweep, Flower Mound Chimney Sweep, Lewisville Chimney Sweep, Irving Chimney Sweep, and North Texas Chimney Sweep.

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]We will go anywhere for a custom chimney cap for the right price.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Masters Services sells so many chimney caps that Chad bought all the equipment to fabricate his own chimney caps. Now, Masters Services sells and ships custom chimney caps to other chimney sweeps and customers all over the U.S. and Canada.[/custom_column]

[custom_column width=”650″ align=”center”]Forward to June 2012, Chad and Christa had their final girl, yes that’s five beautiful girls. A truly owned and operated family Dallas Chimney Sweep Service.[/custom_column]

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