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Ring in the Winter with a Chimney Sweep Boulder

Ring in the Winter with a Chimney Sweep Boulder

Okay, so it’s not quite winter yet, but we’re definitely rapidly approaching the chilly season. That’s right, pretty soon, you’ll be picking out your favorite warm and fuzzy sweaters, making hot cocoa, and gathering round a warm, cozy fire with your family and friends to celebrate the season.

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However, before you light that first fire, you should make sure your chimney is clean and in good working order so that you can continue to use it with ease all winter long knowing that it’s not going to give you any trouble. Most of the time, all a homeowner needs to do to prepare their chimney for the winter is get a good ol’ sweep and inspection. Sometimes, a bit more attention needs to be given to the chimney, and some repair work needs to be done or maybe a custom chimney cap needs to be installed. In any case, you can call Masters Services and we will be able to help you with pretty much anything that has to do with your chimney.

The Importance of a Boulder Chimney Sweep

We get a lot of calls from people who report that they have never had their chimney swept. Of course, I usually recommend that they go ahead and get that done. Creosote (soot) buildup is inevitable if you use your chimney at all, so you will definitely want to have your chimney cleaned somewhat regularly. Just as little as 1/4” of soot buildup can drastically interfere with the effectiveness of your chimney. Basically, the soot causes a decrease in ventilation in the fireplace. Just 1/2” restricts the air flow of a standard masonry fireplace system by 17%, and for a prefabricated fireplace that number jumps up to 30%. Another thing that can happen when your chimney is dirty is that creosote can collect on the smoke shelf and prevent the damper from fully opening. When this happens, most people assume that something major is wrong with their chimney, when in fact just a simple cleaning is needed.

Choose Masters Services for Your Boulder Chimney Sweep

At Masters Services, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality service around. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, we are an award winning Angie’s List member, we have excellent reviews on Home Advisor, and we are the only chimney sweep in the state of Texas that even qualifies to be in the Best Picks Report.

Call Masters Services at (303)720-7096 to schedule your Boulder chimney sweep today.

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