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Do You Need Chimney Repairs?

Are you having trouble with your chimney?


There are all kinds of different factors that could potentially cause some pretty significant wear and tear on your chimney, inclement weather being the most obvious and probably the most drastic when we’re talking about the portion of the chimney that is on the outside of your home. It’s important to address issues that may arise with your chimney quickly so that no further damage is done to your chimney or your home. This can seem a bit overwhelming; however, many problems that people experience with their chimney and/or fireplace can be solved rather quickly and easily. Just give Masters Services a call and we will be able to help you with almost any type of Aurora chimney repair that you may need.

Common Chimney Repairs

When it comes to your chimney, there are many, many different things that could go wrong. Don’t be discouraged, though! Our technicians will definitely be able to spot the problem and provide a solution. Now, there are some pretty common chimney repairs that we see pretty often, and most of them aren’t too complicated. Let’s look at an example. Say your chimney just isn’t venting properly. This could be for several different reasons, however sometimes the problem is as simple as the damper not completely opening. This could be because of creosote buildup that is preventing the damper from opening all the way. It could be even more mundane, though… maybe you just forgot to open the damper! Everyone forgets at some point. Sometimes, a fireplace won’t vent properly because it’s just plain dirty. In this case, a good ol’ chimney sweep will clear up the problem.

How to Know if You Need Chimney Repairs

Whether your chimney was working properly last winter or not, you may still need to have some chimney repairs done. To figure out if everything is in good working order, you’ll need to get an inspection. You should get an inspection at least once a year, no matter how often you use the chimney. Inspections are quick and they are built into the price of a cleaning for your convenience. Any chimney repairs that are necessary will definitely be exposed during the inspection. Once we figure out what’s wrong, we will quickly get back out to your home to fix the problem so that you can safely and comfortably use your fireplace all winter long.

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