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Chimney Sweep Near Me: Hire Masters Services

Certified Chimney Service near me

Masters Services is the chimney sweep near me that can professionally inspect your fireplace and chimney.

Masters Service is the chimney sweep near you in the surrounding cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Oklahoma City that you with professional chimney services. Our chimney services include chimney safety inspections done by a camera, chimney cap installations, chimney repairs, fireplace repairs, chimney flue relining, smoke chamber parging, gas log sales and installation, and fireplace door sales.

Why hire Masters Services, this chimney sweep near me?

  • Here at Masters Services has the culture of caring for its customers and employees. I put this as number one for a huge reason. We train to care, we hire employees that care, and we never quit if given the chance to make everything perfect. We are not perfect but we stride to be the best company you will ever hire. Your experience should to be the most positive home service experience possible. Starting with the call center to the usage of your fireplace after we serviced the chimney.
  • 23 years in business and still family owned and operated.
  • Masters Services Certified
    Certified Master Chimney Technician

    Owner has earned his Certified Master Chimney Technician accreditation. Chad Murray has been certified for many years and knows the current building codes to keep your fireplace and chimney in the best possible working conditions.

  • Best equipment in the industry for repairs. Our relining and smoke chamber equipment far exceeds any other competitors in our markets. We custom make all our own chimney caps in house to maintain a true limited lifetime warranty. The limited is because of mother nature, cannot guarantee installation against tornadic winds, hurricane Houston winds, or straight line high winds in Texas and Oklahoma. However, not many have come off in all these sorts of event in the past 20 years.
  • Electronic Reporting for safety inspection, estimate, and invoicing. We are paperless however our Educators (sales) carry printers in their trucks to provide a paper printout of anything you may need for your records.
  • Safety Camera Video Inspections are done on every chimney needing an inspection. We do not inspect with a flashlight and eye balling up a chimney. You cannot see the flue adequately enough without a camera despite what any competitor tells you. The video goes on your records on our CRM.
  • Training, training, and training. Masters Services does bi-annual training for every employee on staff at that time. We also do weekly training and meetings to keep everyone updated on their performance of the previous week. If training is needed we go over what could of made our work better for us and the client.
  • Turn-a-round time from estimate to install is typically within a week no matter the scope of work. We stride ourselves on getting your fireplace up and burning in the fall or chimney not leaking in the spring.
  • We pride ourselves on being on time and doing exactly what we say we are going to do by actually being the best chimney sweep near you to do the job. If we’re running late you will get a call from us prior to your appointment time informing you why we are running behind. It happens, some jobs take longer than anticipated or traffic is slowing us down more than usual.

What to expect when hiring Masters Services Chimney?

Upon easily navigating our website you decide to call for an estimate or safety camera inspection Masters Services will answer the phone every single time during working hours. Typically you will directly connect.  If not you may go into a call queue waiting for a call center representative but we will get to you typically within 30 seconds.

Our call center is trained not just to take your appointment but also has excellent knowledge of our products, services, and repairs.After all questions are answered and you decide to hire us for a free estimate or a paid safety camera inspection the call center can book at our earliest convenience.

The day of your appointment our Educator, that is our sales persons title, will call on their way to inform you their estimated time of arrival. No sitting around wondering if we are coming on time. We call our sales position educators because we look at our job as an opportunity to teach you about the fireplace and chimney. An educated customer is the best customer so we educate you on your chimney and fireplace to make the best decision possible.

The Educator will show up to your appointment in a logo’d vehicle. He will be professionally uniformed and pleasant. A warm greeting will be had between the two of you for then it is time our Educator will to ask you.. I see your needing a (whatever you called about), please tell me more about your concerns. Telling our Educator again is a great important step to hear it from you instead of from the work order. This is how we can focus on your concerns as well as the safety of the fireplace and chimney.

The safety camera inspection or estimate now begins.

If its a free estimate, we will not inspect the chimney. We are there for a specific purpose, to provide you with an estimate. If during the estimate we discover a code violation we must inform you of the situation. It may turn to a safety camera inspection at that time. We will not it in the estimate and give a cost of that repair.

A safety camera inspection requires us to set up in front of the fireplace with tarps to run a video camera up the chimney flue. Master Services maybe the only chimney sweep near me to offer a safety camera inspection. We will run the camera up the chimney recording all our findings. The video will be uploaded to your file on our system for you to access anytime.

The Educator will go on the roof if accessible to look at the chimney. He will take pictures of the chimney. Any repairs will have their own picture and be highlighted. Any preventive services, products, or upgrades will be highlighted as well.

Camera Inspection Report
Chimney Inspection Report

A full home inspection style report made by Masters Services for fireplaces and chimneys is completed. Every component will be completely filled out with a pass or fail evaluation. You will get this report emailed and printed for you.

Now that everything is documented in a report we will provide an estimate and or invoice electronically for your approval. If you decide to think about it our system allows you to approve the estimate at anytime from your own computer, tablet, or phone.

Masters Services never pressures any client into doing anything, ever. We will however make sure the fireplace is safe to use before we are repairing anything. For example, if you need a to add a lining to your fireplace and you choose not to line the chimney we will not work on the fireplace. We will work on the chimney exterior but not do anything to the fireplace if it is not brought up to current building codes. We are liable in the event of a fire escaping your chimney because we are the last chimney service that worked on your fireplace. It doesn’t happen often that we do not get hired for not everything we suggest. If it does we have a code of conduct to adhere too.

In the event you called for a safety camera inspection and a chimney sweep we will not sweep the chimney until the fireplace and chimney are up to code for safe usage.This can be confusing to customers. Let me explain. If Masters Services inspects your chimney and sees a code violation we will estimate that repair. If we can repair it that day then absolutely we will but most of the time the repair will take too long to get completed in the given time frame for the inspection. We will not sweep the chimney giving you false hope to use it. Sounds crazy, but customers will burn even given the fail tag so we do not sweep it until a pass is given.

The Plan

On the estimate we will provide in depth all detailed items and description of all repairs, services needed, and products required for your chimney and fireplace. An item description called “The Plan” will provide you with the timing of when we will be doing the repairs. We will provide you how long it takes so you can plan your day accordingly around our work.

Here is an example of “The Plan” item description on an actual client here at Masters Services…

Here is an outline of “The Plan” of installation.
This will be two days of work.
Day one we will begin with sweeping all loose materials from the flue.  The we will start applying the PCR treatment.  This is all inside work. This will take about 3 hours long.
Day two we will return to complete the PCR treatment, waterproofing bundle, replace the starter pipes, and repair brick and mortar joints inside the firebox. This will be inside and outside work that will take about 6 hours to complete.

“The Plan” is a convenience to know the timing of installation of our products and services. We feel when hiring a chimney sweep you should be aware of everything we do from start to finish. Providing as much up front communication about our services is helps provide a smooth easy customer experience.

The chimney sweep near me: hire Masters Services really is the best choice for your chimney needs. Not every chimney sweep near you has established the systems, experience, and culture we have developed over 23 years. The goal of every home services provider should be to make the customer experience the best it possible be not matter the industry. Master Services is achieving this one client at a time, day by day. To hire us call us at 972-877-4650 to schedule your next chimney service or estimate.



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