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How is a chimney sweep done?

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How is a chimney sweep done?


When you take a look at your chimney your first thought most likely has nothing to do with when it was last cleaned. This is a common occurrence with our clients, they don’t know when the last time was that they had a chimney sweep done on their home. Most likely, your first thought is “when can I have a fire next?”. While this is also important to your enjoyment of the fireplace it is also vital to keep note of when that last chimney sweep was done on your home. This will keep you from building up unsafe levels of creosote that can cause chimney fires if not addressed.


When a home owner calls in to get scheduled for a chimney sweep one of the first things they ask the girls in the office is, “How are they going to clean my chimney?” I thought I would lay it all out very simply as to what we actually do. Keep in mind that Masters Services promises a guaranteed no mess chimney sweep, meaning there is nothing you will have to do when we leave your home to clean up after us.


How to Clean a Chimney 9 Steps

When should you get a chimney sweep done?


Some of our most popular months in getting chimney sweeps done is October – January, this is most often the people getting ready to use their fireplaces for the year and want it cleaned and inspected before they get a fire going. While this is a safe route to take we also suggest to get your chimney cleaned when you are done using it for the season, this not only will help you to rid your home of allergens during the non-use months but you can also normally get a discounted price on the off seasons.

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