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Chimney Sweep Denver

This year when scheduling your chimney sweep Denver, call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for a guaranteed no mess cleaning and full inspection.

There was a news story I read late last winter about a family who lit a fire in their fireplace and ended up creating a large house fire. When everything was looked into about how the fire started it was due to the size of the fire being too large for the firebox and chimney to handle along with too much creosote buildup in the chimney. Chimney sweep Denver can ensure that your fireplace and chimney are in clean, good working order before you are ready to use them this coming winter.

With a proper chimney cap in place and chimney sweep Denver being done you are eliminating some of the main causes of chimney fires. Chimney and roof fires are most commonly caused in a situation where the creosote buildup has become so much the chimney has a hard time drafting the hot air out of the chimney fully also where animals or birds have been allowed by a faulty chimney cap to enter the chimney and try and nest there. The nesting materials have sparks hit them in the chimney and catch fire. As well as fire, nesting materials can cause smoke and gases to come back into the house due to not having enough passage through the chimney itself. Each of these situations can be properly fixed by getting a chimney sweep Denver done on your home regularly or before use of your fireplace after a long period of non-use.

Chimney sweep Denver also helps to ensure the quality and life of your chimney by identifying any problems that may be affecting the mortar crown and bricks near the crown from water and excessive heat exposure. If exposed the mortar crown can become brittle and crack or breakdown causing your chase damage by crumbling or even rotting. This then leads to more extensive repairs to get your chimney back up to operational. Have a chimney cap in place and being properly maintained will help you to keep your chimney in working order for longer and thus not have such hits to your pocketbook.

Master Services started in the chimney sweep Denver business over 16 years ago. Started by Chad and Christa Murray, as the company grew they added more family and friends to their staff and have recently expanded offices and service to the Denver area. Since opening our doors we have gone from a one man chimney sweep to a full service Certified Chimney Professional company. We also own our own metal shop allowing us to custom make chimney caps exactly how your home and chimney need it. With us fabricating our own chimney caps and other chimney related items we are able to offer you the best product at the lowest cost to you.

If you need help with a chimney sweep Denver or would like to get your chimney inspected to ensure you are dealing with a fireplace in top condition call Master Services (303) 720-7096.

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