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Masters Services is the Best Chimney Sweep in Houston

Chimney Example on House in Houston
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The fireplace in a residential home is typically wood burning or uses gas. Wood burning fireplaces will be the most common and can cause the most problems. A wood fire will release the moisture contained the wood and results in creosote that can coat the inside of the chimney. Creosote will continue to build up the more the chimney is used. The best chimney sweep in Houston is able to inspect and clean out a residential chimney.

Masters Services is the Best Chimney Sweep in Houston

A chimney that is coated with creosote is a fire waiting to happen. The reason for this is creosote in the chimney contains heat. If the build up of heat rises to high, then combustion can occur. Many times the smoke bellowing out of a residential chimney means a fire has started. This will mean tearing apart the chimney to put out the fire. The best chimney sweep in Houston can easily prevent this problem from occurring.

How Chimney Damage Starts

Damage to the internal structure of the chimney or the flue can lead to a problem with toxic gases. This is why homeowners need to have working carbon monoxide detectors in their home. The brick used for the structure of the chimney can also start to deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Moisture often gets into a chimney is because of a missing or broken chimney cap. The best chimney sweep in Houston is able to check on the condition of a chimney cap.

Residential chimneys are fireplaces are typically cleaned with a variety of tools. The common tool used by the best chimney sweep in Houston is a hard brush. A vacuum is also used to remove various debris that will collect in the fireplace. The goal of every professional is to make sure the chimney for a residential home is safe for homeowners to operate.

Chimney Sweeping 101

The best chimney sweep in Houston also experienced professionals. This will mean a homeowner will see improved drafts when using their fireplace and more direct air flow. They are able to clean all the creosote from the inside of the chimney and the flue. Any faults or issues with a residential chimney will be found and addressed.

How to Prevent Creosote Buildup

The buildup of creosote in a chimney occurs at different rates based on the type of wood that is being burned within the fireplace. A cottonwood or other low-quality wood has a high moisture content and will result in an increase in creosote deposits. The best type of wood to burn is oak or other hardwood. One thing that a homeowner needs to keep in mind is proper operation of their fireplace.

Contact Masters Services for more information about the best chimney sweep in Houston.

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