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5 Ways a Chimney Sweep Helps Beyond Your Fireplace

It’s about that time to call in a professional chimney sweep to help you ensure that you’ll have a safe fireplace for the holidays and winter months ahead. And while this may be the only reason that you reach out to them throughout the year, you should know they do more than just sweep chimneys. Here are a few ways that a chimney can help beyond your fireplace.

#1: Animal Control

An experienced chimney sweep understands that wildlife likes to make a home in the crevices of your home. An unused fireplace is the ideal spot for birds and other animals to make a home, and whether you need to get your chimney swept, or you simply find that you hear the critters in there, you can count on the pros to resolve the issues. You’ll want to make sure that these are taken care of immediately and your chimney is cleaned and tended to.

#2: Home Repairs

Your chimney is an essential part of your home, and when you need it to be swept or wildlife to be removed from it, then you’ll find that you may need repairs performed as well. The best chimney sweeps will be able to perform all tasks of the job from beginning to end, and that includes structural repairs and damage control. And don’t think that these repairs have to be due to a chimney issues. Next time they are there to clean your fireplace, ask about those small repairs that have been piling up on your list of things to do.

#3: Affordable and Straightforward Pricing

A chimney sweep will be straightforward about pricing and won’t charge you an arm and a leg for their services. Saving you money is one way that chimney sweeps will help you beyond your fireplace needs. Don’t hesitate to call and ask for a free quote before you get started so that you know exactly where you stand, and what services are within your budget. The best companies will give you the options that fit your lifestyle and finances.

#4: Fire Safety Education

It’s important that you understand how to properly care for a fireplace using the safest methods. Having the right tools and techniques for managing a fire is essential for safety, as well as having extinguishers and other precautions available. A professional chimney sweep will guide and educate you about safety measures so that you can clue your entire family in and have peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe when the fire is keeping you warm.

#5: A Clean Workspace

We’ve all been there – you have someone come out to perform a home repair or chimney sweep only to leave you with a giant mess to clean up. Beyond just performing the job you called them for, a chimney sweep will leave your home clean and in tact. The job will done with attention to detail and you’ll be left with nothing but a clean chimney and a beautiful fire to stoke.

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