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Have Your Home’s Chimney Repaired before the Holidays Begin

Brick Restoration on Chimney

With the holidays approaching, it is essential to have professional Houston chimney repair in order to enjoy the flickering flames of a fire safely. While the temperatures remain warm most of the year in Texas, you want to enjoy the ambience of a burning fireplace during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

There is a good chance that you haven’t used your fireplace for several months, and a holiday is not the time to find out that your fireplace’s chimney is not operating efficiently. By contacting a knowledgeable chimney sweep today to schedule an inspection, cleaning and repairs, you don’t need to worry about a buildup of smoke and carbon monoxide in your home.

Yearly Chimney Inspections

Experts recommend a chimney inspection once a year to ensure the materials are not degrading. The chimney on the rooftop of your home is probably built of brick or stone combined with mortar, and all of these substances can begin to crumble after exposure to moisture or invading wildlife. When a Houston chimney repair team arrives, they are able to use a bucket truck or extension ladder to climb onto your home’s rooftop to complete an inspection. Not only will they look at the chimney, but they will also inspect the surrounding areas of the roof to make sure there are no loose shingles or holes where smoke can enter.

Masonry Repairs on Chimneys

Installation of Liners

To make sure that your home’s chimney is in tip-top condition, the chimney sweeps can drop a video camera into the opening to look at its interior on a computer. Some of the things that the Houston chimney repair team will look for are blockages of debris such as branches, leaves or bird’s nests. All of these things require removal in order for smoke to rise from the chimney correctly. If your home’s chimney does not have a durable metal liner, then this is a great time to have one installed because it prevents fires inside the stack along with helping the mortar, stone and brick to last longer.

Removal of Debris

Chimney sweeps can repair loose materials on the exterior portion of the stack by applying new mortar or replacing missing brick or stone. Your home’s chimney should also have a cap that protects the opening from dropping debris or invasive wildlife. The Houston chimney repair experts can fix loose caps or replace degrading parts. After the exterior portion of the chimney is in perfect condition, the Houston chimney repair team performs an inspection of the interior portions of a fireplace and chimney system. A vital part of this process is removing the soot from the stack and fireboxes. Soot contains creosote that can begin to burn inside the stack, and a yearly cleaning is necessary to prevent this from happening.

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Masters Services offers professional and friendly Houston chimney repair for private residences and commercial buildings. We recommend a fireplace and chimney inspection at least once a year to protect the occupants of buildings from the dangers of invading smoke or poisonous gases. Our Houston chimney repair technicians always complete a full inspection of every fireplace and chimney in a structure to ensure all of the systems are in the best condition possible. Contact Masters Services today at 713-723-4854.

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