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Common Chimney Repairs

Master Services (972) 877-4650 has Certified Chimney Professionals on our team that can help you with common chimney repairs as well as all of the not so common repairs.


Around this time of year most homeowners start looking to getting ready for the upcoming winter. When it comes to your chimney there are a few common chimney repairs that you should know about in the case of your chimney being in need of them. Ultimately, the best way to determine the shape that your chimney is in as well as if there are any repairs needed is to get a yearly inspection preformed by a Certified Chimney Professional.

Chimney Cap – The first question to ask is does your chimney have one? If so, is it properly fitting, installed correctly, not rusted, in working condition? A chimney cap is much more than just the finishing touches on your chimney, in fact it plays a very large role in ensuring your chimney protected from animal entry as well as helping to ensure that your home is kept safe from any fires that may originate from the chimney. When it comes to common chimney repairs a chimney cap is one of the first things to look for. A properly installed chimney cap works to ventilate your chimney and keep the draft flowing properly. It also protects your roof from any burning particles escaping from your chimney and landing on your roof.

Damper – There are a few problems that can result from a nonfunctional damper. There are times that a damper will not open all the way, most commonly this is caused by soot buildup behind the damper on the smoke shelf. This can normally be resolved with a good professional chimney cleaning. Another problem that homeowners can run into with their dampers is that they will not close properly, a damper needs to have a clamp installed to ensure that it is never able to completely close and cause CO2 build up in the home yet there are times that the damper is stuck wide open inviting the elements outside in to your home, cold air drafting in during the cooler seasons and air conditioner leaking out during the summer. This is a common chimney repair that a technician can help you to assess and handle.

Refractor panels – These are in pre-fabricated chimneys and are there to prevent your firebox from getting too hot, warping and creating fires. The refractor panel is a part that is made to be replaced, as it keeps the stress off the actual metal of the firebox there are times where the panel will crack or start to break down, when this happens the best thing to do to ensure the safety of your home and chimney is to get the panel replaced. Refractor panels have different lifespans due to the variance in fireplace usage. Although it is a common chimney repair it is something to keep an eye on and get repaired as soon as you notice there is anything wrong.

These and many more are some of the common chimney repairs, getting an inspection preformed by a Certified Chimney Professional from Master Services is the best way to see what your chimney needs. Contact us at (972) 877-4650 – DFW, (713) 723-4854 – Houston, (303) 720-7096 – Denver or (405) 236-1111.

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