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Chimney Repairs and Fireplace Repairs

<Masonry Repairs on Chimneys

Fireplace Repairs We Preform

Here are some of the common fireplace repairs that we preform on homes:

  • Refractory panel replacement.
  • Reflector shield placement.
  • Lintel packing.
  • Tuck pointing.
  • Back wall rebuilds.
  • Screen replacement.
  • Glass door installation.
  • Burner replacement.
  • Gas starter pipe replacement.
  • Painting of the firebox.
  • Gas log refurbish.

Chimney Repairs We Preform

Here are some of the common chimney repairs that we preform on homes:

  • Damper repair and or replacement.
  • Chimney relining.
  • Flue pipe replacement.
  • Removing animals and nesting from the chimney.
  • Chase repair and rebuild.
  • Waterproofing chase.
  • Flash and seal on the chase at the roof line.
  • Brick repair and replacement.
  • Mortar repair and mortar crown rebuild.
  • Spark arrestor and pan replacement.
  • Custom chimney cap installation.

Replacement Refractory Fireplace Panels

One of the most common repair situations that we run into during chimney inspections is the existence of one or more cracked fireplace panels in prefabricated fireboxes. This presents a bit of a danger to your fireplace as well as your home, when these panels are cracked they allow heat to slip through to the metal firebox. When the firebox gets overheated it has the potential to warp, depending on the placement of studs and other building materials the firebox coming into contact with any of these materials while hot is one of the main causes of chimney and home fires.


We suggest replacing any panels that are cracked with new and fully intact panels. There is no other solution that follows the safety and fireplace codes not to mention that not replacing these panels can cause the warranty to be voided on the fireplace and flue pipe. Panels are made to only absorb heat and will need to be replaced when cracking has completely separated the panel into two or more pieces. Hairline cracks are not an issue or a fire hazard.


We offer No warranty on panels, this is due to usage of the fireplace being out of Masters Services control. Grates crack panels, wood being placed into a already burning fire sometimes falls back on the panels creating cracks. Panels are made to break and absorb heat therefor no warranty is given.


  • Cracked Panel
  • New Panels
  • Reflector Shield
    Reflector Shields

Replacement panels can be protected by a Reflector Shield from burning logs settling on the back panel or even when you drop a log into the hot fire. Reflector Shields come in various size and can even be custom made. Made from stainless steel these also improve your efficiency of your fireplace with up to 12% more heat.

Fireplace Back Wall Rebuilds

When dealing with a masonry fireplace, cracked fireplace walls are one of the leading causes for chimney fires. In this case, once the back wall is cracked or loose, there is no other barrier between the fire and any other building materials in your home. If you see cracks in the bricks or loose bricks, it becomes time to rebuild the firebox or at least the back wall.

Firebox Before rebuild
firebox rebuild after


In most cases, when we arrive to your home to preform a back wall rebuild it will take a technician all day to complete. We begin by placing a tarp to protect your flooring and home from anything that will be removed during the process. Then the existing back wall will be removed, it is not uncommon that this wall will just fall down with a slight push by the technician or tap of a hammer depending on how damaged it has become. Then once the area is cleared of old materials the new back wall is built up ensuring there are no gaps left in your firebox.

Chimney Top Mortar Crowns

The top of a masonry flue chimney has a bed of mortar completing the brick work called the mortar crown. This prevents water from pouring into the chase during bad weather. If this row of bricks is damaged or broken down then it needs to be repaired before more damage is done. If the crown is not caved in then a overlay of new mortar can be placed over the old crown. When putting on a custom chimney cap, all mortar crowns should be solid to ensure proper cap installation.

Crown After
Crown Before


Chimney Chase Rebuilds

When your chimney has seen a bit of deterioration over time there is chance that you will need help with a full chimney chase rebuild. Some of the conditions where this might be needed is in a wood chase where the wood has started to rot and it falling apart, or in a brick chase where the bricks have bad spalling and have broken down, the integrity of your chase has been compromised and can fall over onto your roof causing even more damage as well as falling into your flue. Getting a chase rebuild is sometimes the only option depending on how broken down it has become.


When we come to your home for a chimney chase rebuild it will most likely be an all day job to tear down the existing chase, preform any repairs to the flue and rebuild your chase from the roof line up. Not only does it repair the function of your chimney it also can cause quite a dramatic change in the appearance of your home.

Chase Rebuild

Lintel Fireplace Repair


The lintel is the space between the hearth wall and the chimney brick. A void is created there that is filled when the original construction has been performed. Over time with the heat of fires this mortar between the two strucures fall out. Masters Services replaces it with Furnace Cement, a fire proofing mortar.

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