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Chimney Relining

Chimney Relining done by Masters Services is necessary for hazardous cracks or any flue separation.

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The chimney flue is a extended opening going up over the roof tops to exhaust fireplace smoke. Moisture is the enemy of any chimney flue. Over time, moisture enters the chimney flue and starts to deteriorate the inside lining. Gaps, cracks, and flue separation is the result of moisture damage. This creates unseen fire hazards in your chimney flue. Masters Services offers chimney flue relining so that you can burn the best fire in your home and have a safe chimney system.

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Chimney Relining Before Mortar Spraying


Chimney Relining After Mortar Spraying
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Deteriorating chimney flues need to be repaired because of the potential fire hazard from burning a fireplace. This repair is called “chimney relining”. Masters Services does chimney relining in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, and Denver.

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Chimney Relining protects the interior of your chimney and home vent systems from fire and smoke damage. Any holes, gaps and cracks that happen over time allow smoke to escape the walls of your chimney, causing creosote and tar buildup within the mortar. This is dangerous because if a chimney fire does occur, it can be exponentially more serious with creosote buildup in the chimney!

Our process uses a unique ceramic product that is sprayed 360 degrees in the smoke chamber and flue to seal the holes, gaps, cracks, and minor flue separation foe a highly insulated, smooth coating that is moisture proof and good up to 3000 Fahrenheit.

Before and After Chimney Reline Service - Masters Services Chimney & Masonry
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  1. The chimney is inspected and cleaned. Our process is performed without having to take down the firewalls. No extra repairs are needed for our process!
  2. Our spray gun shoots 360 degrees around,  coating the flue and smoke chamber completely.
  3. We spray up and down the flue for full coverage. The entire process is no mess guaranteed.

Chimney relining is typically completed in less than a day, which keeps down the cost for homeowners.


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