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Oklahoma Chimney Cleaning Saves Lives

Firefighters Putting Out Fire

Oklahoma Chimney Cleaning Saves Lives

Oklahoma chimney cleaning should not be a debatable service on a yearly basis. Across the entire state of Oklahoma, chimney fires have been breaking out. Thousands of dollars worth of damage has been done due to the chimney fires that can simply be prevented with an Oklahoma chimney cleaning.

Warr Acres, Oklahoma, a fire engulfed a family home in the early evening hours. The family stated they were enjoying the evening gathered around the family fireplace while burning a few logs. The flames in the fireplace started to enlarge and very quickly escalated out of control. Multiple fire departments had to come out and assist with the house fire. After the flames were put out and authorities investigated, the fire had clearly started from the chimney due to not getting their annual Oklahoma chimney cleaning, the flames from the families fire caught fire on the old soot build up inside on the chimney.

House fires occur every year.

Fire Pic 3

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, three residents were displaced from their homes when a chimney fire broke out. Firefighters arrived on the scene after neighbors reported dark smoke coming from the home with flames shooting out of the chimney. Fire crews were able to put the burning inferno out, and deemed this fire was caused due to not having their Oklahoma chimney cleaning. During an Oklahoma chimney cleaning the technician will also show you and your family how to properly maintain and use your fireplace. This unfortunate family hadn’t learned about their fireplace safety, and packed too much wood into their fireplace and quickly the fire raveled out of control and took over the home.

Moore, Oklahoma, thirty-five thousand dollars later, and no roof over their head, another family narrowly escaped with their lives due to their chimney fire. If this family would have had their Oklahoma chimney cleaning they would have known their chimney had cracks in the mortar. The cracks in the chimney mortar allowed heat to leak from the chimney that sparked the blaze, and resulted in shooting flames from the attic of the home. Oklahoma chimney cleaning involves an in depth inspection of the chimney at the time of service and these cracks would have shown up during that Oklahoma chimney cleaning.

Seasonal hazard

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, firefighters responded to a house fire that resulted in six thousand dollars worth of damage, due to the entire chimney needing to be replaced. Residents admitted to having a fire and going to bed with the fire still burning. They awoke to a strong stench of smoke, ran outside to see flames coming from the chimney. An Oklahoma chimney cleaning would have prevented this fire, by removing all the creosote buildup within the chimney. Also, during that Oklahoma chimney cleaning the technician would have educated the family on not leaving a fire unattended.

As winter season arrives and blows its cold winds over our holiday season, don’t light those fireplaces without your Oklahoma chimney cleaning. Don’t wind up with thousands of dollars worth of damage and countless hours of labor, due to ignoring your yearly Oklahoma chimney cleaning. Chimney fires occur every year all across the world, take the time, and set the date for you Oklahoma chimney cleaning.

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