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Have you gotten a chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City yet this year?

Have you gotten a chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City yet this year?

I can’t explain why I am so excited about the coming freezing temps! Maybe it is because we will be seeing snow soon, fingers crossed, or the fact that I LOVE the holidays. I love everything about the holidays but mainly the time spent with my family and friends enjoying a movie and hot chocolate by a nice fire.


When it comes to getting the fireplace going for the first time of the year I hate having any worries about the safety of my home. To handle this I get yearly inspections and chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City done on my chimney and fireplace. This always puts my mind at ease and alerts me to anything that may be coming up on needing to be fixed so I can get things handled before they become major issues.

Masters Services is more than a chimney sweep!

Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professional, this means that we can go far beyond just a chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City. We can help you with any repairs, rebuilds or even upgrades to your existing or new fireplace. If you have had troubles with your fireplace or chimney the best place to start is in getting a chimney cleaning, each chimney cleaning that Masters Services preforms also includes a full chimney inspection. This will find any trouble spots and get them addressed hopefully before they become massive repairs.

Maintenance is key!

The best place to start for anyone who owns a chimney is with regular maintenance of their chimney and fireplace. Think of you chimney like a car for a moment… would you drive your car with the gas light on and the check engine light on? No. So why would you burn in your fireplace when you have a cracked back panel? You wouldn’t it would only make the situation worse.

Getting chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City done on your home should be done at least yearly or if you burn a lot, per every cord of wood that you burn. This will keep your creosote build up from getting out of control and causing other issues with your fireplace.

Call Masters Services (405) 236-1111 for help in getting a chimney cleaning in Oklahoma City this season and put your mind at ease.

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