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What questions should you ask when preparing for a chimney cleaning Houston?

During Chimney Cleaning in Houston, TX

When it comes to hiring a chimney cleaning Houston company do you know what to ask?

Here is a common q & a example of homeowner calls we get on a daily basis:

1. I have lived in our house for 7 years now and have never had my chimney cleaned. We are starting a remodel and I am wondering, do you think it needs cleaning?

Yes, or at the very least it needs a chimney inspection. The job of the chimney cleaning Houston is to remove soot and creosote buildup from the firebox, smoke chamber and damper. It only takes a small amount of buildup or glazing to create the potential for a chimney fire. The creostoe and build up can catch fire itself and dislodge in the flue floating up to the top of the chimney chase and brining fire to an area of the chimney that is designed to handle heat but not direct fire. To be sure that everything is in proper working order and operating safely it is recommended that homeowners get an annual inspection and cleaning depending on your burning patterns.

2. Will an inspection alone make it okay for me to burn in my fireplace?

It is possible, the only way to really answer this question is to preform the inspection and see what you are dealing with. No two chimneys are the same, although you and your neighbor may have a house built the same month with all of the same design and burning materials, your burning patterns, exposure to the elements, inspections and cleanings will all be different in terms of how your chimney and fireplace looks. A chimney inspection does not always mean you will end up getting a chimney cleaning, this is something that needs to be looked at in person to determine. A Certified Chimney Professional preforming your chimney cleaning Houston can help to determine what the exact right steps are for your chimney and fireplace.

3. How does the chimney cleaning actually work?

Masters Services offers a guarenteed no mess cleaning of the flue and firebox. The technician preforming your chimney sweep will lay out clean tarps to protect your flooring and mantel as well as tape off the chimney if needed, a chimney sweeping brush is then extended up the flue a few inches at a time until reaching the top of the chimney, removing any loose creosote, where it falls and is collected by a HEPA filtered HVAC in your firebox.

4. Will my house get messy? What do I have to clean up after you are gone?

The chimney cleaning we offer is a no mess cleaning of the flue and firebox and there is absolutely nothing you need to do afterwards. The technician will handle it all!

5. How much does a chimney cleaning cost?

We start out doing a full inspection of the fireplace and chimney, inside and out for $99.99. We check all of the components of the fireplace and chimney. We fill out a full inspection report for you which is discussed to answer any of your questions as well as emailed to you for reference. If any repairs are needed, we will provide you with a full repair estimate. If the technician determines that a sweep is needed, it would be an additional $39, and he can do this at the same time. So the total then would be $139.99 plus tax for a chimney cleaning Houston. Our sweeps are guaranteed no mess cleanings. We schedule appointments Monday through Saturday from 9:00-5:00pm.

6. Will a chimney sweep make sure there are no birds or animals in my chimney?

This is a yes and no answer. Yes, our chimney sweeps will ensure there are no birds or animals in your chimney prior to capping it and if there are will help you with the removal and relocation as well as the cleaning afterward. The no part is this, the sweeping of the chimney itself will not keep birds or animals out, for this you need a chimney cap with animal screening, all of our custom chimney caps come with this as a standard, to ensure that nothing can get in from the top.

I hope this little Q&A has answered some of your basic questions when it comes to chimney cleaning Houston, when you are ready to schedule your cleaning, call Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

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