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How Chimney Cleaning Houston Professionals Can Help

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A chimney in poor condition is dangerous to occupants of a building. The fuel burned in a chimney leaves residue on its interior as smoke rises to the top. Certified chimney cleaning Houston professionals are available for fast same day service.

Why A Clean Chimney Is So Important

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. Creosote is the oily substance that builds up on the inside of chimneys and can easily cause a fire. Creosote builds up no matter what fire techniques you use, but it builds up quicker if you ever use paper as kindling or young wood that is not completely dry. Burning pine wood will also add to the creosote inside your chimney.

Many homeowners and property managers are not aware of the specialized skills necessary to install, inspect, clean and repair various chimney structures. The buildup of creosote in a building’s chimney shaft is flammable under the right conditions. If a fire begins inside a chimney’s shaft, the flames can burn through into a home. In addition, the smoke that rises contains carbon monoxide fumes that are life threatening.

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Inspection of Chimneys

Property managers and homeowners can easily hire a chimney sweep Houston expert at least once a year to protect building occupants. The best plan of action is to find a company with experienced employees who arrive in uniforms with a van filled with specialized tools for the job. The chimney sweep Houston professional will first make a complete inspection for damage from rain or wind. An important part of a chimney is on the exterior of a building. A chimney cleaning Houston technician will climb on a ladder to check the building’s chimney cap. Chimney caps provide several vital functions such as preventing debris from entering the shaft.

Repair Work Might Be Needed

Another benefit to having Houston chimney cleaning work done by chimney experts is that if your chimney is in need of repair you will be notified. Some companies only do chimney cleaning services and stay away from repair work. That might work for them, but we prefer the full service approach. Our chimney sweep technicians are trained to spot any chimney damage that needs immediate repair or that might need repair in the future.

Sometimes repair work can be put off, especially if the chimney is in relatively good condition. You might just need to keep an eye on things and call us if something drastically changes. However, some repair work needs to be done right away. Some damage that is not addressed right away will wind up affected more areas, and the cost of repair will increase as well as the time it takes to do the work.

Repairing Chimney Caps if Needed

A damaged chimney cap requires repairs or replacement to avoid having branches and leaves from collecting on the sticky soot inside the shaft. Occasionally, birds and animals also enter a chimney cap to live in a home’s attic. Wildlife can leave debris such as nests in a chimney blocking the emission of smoke. The chimney sweep Houston expert will find debris such as animal carcasses or nests to prevent fires. Inside a home, the chimney cleaning Houston technician will prevent damage to furnishings with tarps designed to collect loose soot and debris. A typical inspection and cleaning only lasts about two hours due to an efficient team of workers.

Inspection of Safety Codes

A chimney sweep Houston technician can offer advice concerning repairs to a cap, firebox, shaft or damper. Masters Services has parts available for repairs to chimneys to ensure a family’s safety while a fire is burning in a fireplace. If a part of a fireplace is beyond repair, then the chimney sweep Houston expert has new parts including chimney caps that look fantastic while keeping the structure safe. The team at Masters Services will discuss options for making changes while providing photographs of new parts that bring a building back to proper safety codes. Maintaining a building’s chimney is easy with a great company with knowledgeable employees.

Is It Time to call a Chimney Cleaning Houston Company?

You might notice soot or ash that falls whenever you open the damper. This is usually a sign it’s time for a Houston chimney sweep. Increased smoke and a burnt odor are also signs it is time to have your chimney cleaned.

A clean chimney will lessen the chance of fire in your home. Fireplaces cause hundreds of house fires each year. It’s especially important to have Houston chimney sweep work done if you have just purchased an older home. Many homeowners think it is perfectly fine to go years in-between chimney cleanings, but most fireplace experts recommend once a year cleaning.

Masters Services Offers Trained Experts

At Masters Services we are proud of our reputation. You can find happy customers reviewing us on Angie’s List and on our website. We are certified chimney professionals who will treat your home as if it were our own. We have decades of experience and will never try to sell you a service that is not necessary. When you need Houston chimney cleaning work done, there’s only one company to call.

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