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Fireplace Cleaning in Dallas, TX

The “Best Houston Chimney Cleaning Review” chimney service in Texas is Masters Services.

Masters Services has many review sites consumers can write a service review, good or bad.

Good reviews are excellent for proving our professional services and workmanship.

Bad reviews, I like to call improvement reviews, are awesome to let the public know that no service is perfect. Improvement review lets us know where we can be better so that we can ultimately correct any issues to strive to be the best service we can provide as a Houston chimney cleaning service. When choosing a company to hire and only seeing perfect review is always a red flag. We encourage our customers writing reviews and do not offer any discount for them, just a plain old thank you in appreciation for your review.

Obviously a negative review is never good for business. Masters Services will always follow up on every negative review and respond. Sometimes not all consumers can be satisfied but Masters Services does everything possible to make it right. We do get very few negative review but they do come along from time to time. We have had a bad review once from a consumer that was so rude over the phone to our call center that we decided not to accept his appointment. By the way our call center is 6 people headed by my wife and my mother. That consumer wrote a horrible review about us but did admit we never even serviced his chimney.

Here is an Infographic on why Masters Services is the best Houston chimney cleaning reviews

Infographic Best Houston Chimney Cleaning Company

Our technicians are trained to listen to your fireplace and chimney not your pocketbook. This is something that I preach at almost every weekly meeting. Our goal is to do right by our customers and keep them and their homes safe from fire danger. With this in mind we try and treat every home and fireplace that we see as though it was our own. Is this something that would keep our child safe or our home safe is a question that we constantly ask.

When our clients ask us for help, even in something that may seem as simple as a chimney cleaning we know that their home is in our hands, something missed or not fixed can cause quite a bit of trouble down the line. Knowing this is what keeps our technicians always learning and keeping themselves on top of the current safety codes and methods for handling your chimney and fireplace. We consider ourselves “Experts in Training”, while we are experts in our field we have never taken on the idea that we know all there is to ever know on the subject. 17 years in business and we can always find something that we didn’t know which will make our services more valuable to you as the homeowner taking advantage of our service.

We offer a wide range of chimney cleaning and repair services geared to helping you with what your home needs the most.

If you are having trouble with anything in your chimney we can help! Getting an inspection is almost always the first step, even if you have something that you know is causing trouble, say a broken chimney cap, it can lead to further issues in your chimney like a destroyed mortar crown, rotted flue, and do on. Sometimes the obvious is not the only thing that is going on as well as sometimes the problem is not from an obvious broken piece that can be seen without the eyes of a professional.

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