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Is it time for your chimney cleaning in Dallas?

Its time to get the dust off your chimney!

With the temperature finally dropping it is time to get in and see what is needed for you to be able to safely burn in your fireplace this year. There are a few questions that you can start with, when was the last time that you had a chimney cleaning in Dallas? Were there any needed repairs that did not get done? Do you have a chimney cap in place? Were there any birds nesting in your chimney since you used it last?

Chimney cleaning can help prevent costly repairs

Remembering to get regular chimney cleaning in Dallas can help you to stay on top of repairs as they are needed and before they cause larger and more expensive damage to your fireplace, chimney or home.

There are parts in your fireplace like the refractory panels for example, that are built to take the heat from the fire and prevent the firebox itself from getting too hot and warping. If the firebox has begun to warp this is a major fire hazard. This is due to the fact that the code for most builders is to place the firebox 2-4 inches from studs and other building materials in the home. When the firebox warps it can get too close to the other building materials and thus create fires by allowing them to get too hot.

Regular cleaning and inspections

We always suggest to get your chimney cleaning in Dallas completed at least every year or per cord of wood that you burn. Getting it done regularly will help to ensure there is no Stage 3 build up of creosote or nesting materials from animals that get stuck in your chimney and become a fire hazard.

More than just a chimney sweep!

Certified Chimney
Masters Services founder and CEO, Chad Murray

Masters Services (972) 877-4650 is more than just a chimney sweep, we are Certified Chimney Professionals, this means that we have gone through certification to ensure that we are up to date on all of the different chimney codes to ensure the safety of your family and your home.

Contact Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help in getting your chimney cleaning in Dallas scheduled.

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