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Need a Professional Chimney Sweep Dallas?

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If you have a fireplace and a chimney then you will be in need of the best chimney sweep Dallas has to offer. Maybe this is your first time living in a home with a fireplace. You will quickly realize that one of the most important things you can do is maintain the quality and performance of your chimney. Perhaps you aren’t even familiar with the term chimney sweep.

What We Do

A quick search will explain that a chimney sweep is someone, usually a professional, that clears soot and ash from a chimney. Nowadays they will also safely remove animals from the chimney when needed and also install a chimney cap if they are skilled to do so. If you own a chimney you don’t want to neglect having it cleaned.

A professional chimney sweep will often use a standard chimney brush combined with additional tools to clean a chimney. Some common tools used in the cleaning process are cameras, vacuums, and other chimney tools. The professional is trained to diagnose why and how the chimney is not functioning properly.

Expert Chimney Sweep Dallas Advice

A chimney sweep Dallas residents find can be very helpful in explaining the condition your chimney is in and what it needs done to have it working properly. It makes sense that since a chimney is designed to contain fire and it is apart of your home it will need to be maintained properly. The smoke and fumes from the fire need to be transferred safely and directly out of your home.

It is very impressive how long the chimney sweep profession has lasted throughout the decades. Even with modern technological advances the job of the chimney sweep has been preserved. Since the industrial revolution they have assisted homeowners with cleaning their chimneys.  The truth is if you have a chimney you should call a professional chimney sweep once a year. If you have any hints that your chimney might not be functioning properly don’t hesitate to call. Masters Services provides the best chimney sweep Dallas area residents deserve.

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional visually inspects all components of the firebox and chimney for fire worthiness. Checking to see if any water damage has occurred from a leak in the flashing, mortar crown, chimney chase, and maybe even from the chimney cap. Water Leak Inspections on chimneys is our specialty, roofers call us for water leaks. Cracks in the firebox or panels are the leading cause in chimney fires other than operator error. Common inspection issues include animal nesting debris, rusty broken dampers, lintel deterioration, smoke damage, and brick spalling. Call today for your chimney inspection.

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