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Now is the perfect time for Masters Services (972) 877-4650 to Install Dallas Chimney Caps on your home.

The winter for us in Dallas this year has been nice. Most homeowners started up their fireplaces for the first time in a few years and got to have some nice fires. If you were one of these homeowners you may have noticed some things about your fireplace after not having used it for a while. Now is the perfect time to get any repairs that you noticed handled before you wrap up the use of your fireplace for the next year or so. Install Dallas chimney caps is one of the most common thing that people need help with.

To install Dallas chimney caps is very important for your chimney for a few reasons. They prevent water from getting into your home through the fireplace as well as protecting the mortar and chase of your chimney from water and weather. Also if you had any problems with smoke coming back into your home during fires this year a missing chimney cap can be a part of the cause. To install Dallas chimney caps is something that is a fairly simple solution for your home.

Install Dallas chimney caps also helps with keeping animals including birds out of your chimney throughout the year. This eliminates the need for nuisance wildlife removal throughout the year along with preventing them from nesting in your chimney. Nesting that is left behind can create air flow issues along with becoming a potential source of chimney fires.

The fact is, having an Installed Dallas Chimney cap can not only increase the performance of your fireplace but also, protect your chimney from damage caused by wear and tear over time. This will help you to need fewer repairs and also allow more time to enjoy your fireplace.

Masters Services has been in business for over 16 years. In this time we have opened our own metal shop to custom fabricate chimney caps for any type of chimney and any style you would like. Since our metal shop only fabricates chimney caps and chimney related items our standards are very high. All of our Install Dallas Chimney Caps come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty as a sign of our fabrication standards.

The metal that we use is 24 gauge steel, it is colored metal and being so is not spray painted in any way. This maintains the color and look of your chimney cap longer. We use 18 gauge steel mesh on all of our Install Dallas Chimney Caps to prevent the unwanted entry of animals and nesting materials.

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