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Custom Dallas Chimney Caps

Lasting quality custom Dallas chimney caps is what Masters Services (972) 877-4650 specializes in.

Chimney caps not only finish off the look of your chimney chase but they do quite a bit of important work for your home. Custom Dallas chimney caps are put in place to help your chimney with drafting issues; they also prevent water and weather from breaking down the mortar crown.

Another key benefit to having a custom Dallas chimney cap is that they prevent entry from nuisance wildlife. This is the season that the animals are looking for places to breed and nest. Your chimney can become a top choice for a place to stay. This can lead to nesting materials and debris being in your chimney which can ultimately lead to chimney and house fires if not handled properly.

Masters Services was started 16 years ago by Chad and Christa Murray. We have always been and will always be a family owned and run business. As the company has grown we have added more family and friends along with expanding our range of services. If it is a custom Dallas chimney cap you are interested in look no further. Over the years we have come to find that if you want something done right to do it ourselves, this has led to us owning and running our own metal fabrication shop. This is where we make custom Dallas chimney caps. Each of our caps is custom made to the size and specifications of your chimney and come with transferable Lifetime warranties.

When making custom Dallas chimney caps we use 24 gauge colored steel. The color is not painted on and so lasts much longer and does not chip or peel. This in turn creates a better product for you. All of our custom Dallas chimney caps also have 18 gauge metal mesh to prevent the entry of unwanted nuisance wildlife. This also prevents them from getting nesting materials into your chimney and creating hazards.

We had a customer who, during the recent bad weather, did not have a proper chimney cap installed on their home. They called us due to a water leak in the chimney. When our trained technician did a full inspection he found that due to the improper fitting chimney cap the mortar crown of the chimney was damaged and needed repairs. Had the cap been doing its job the damage would not have occurred and the water never would have made its way into his home. When we began the installation of the custom Dallas chimney caps on his home, the deterioration of the mortar crown involved removing over 4 feet of his chase and having to rebuild it to ensure the proper safety and function from his chimney. This would not have occurred if there had been a custom Dallas chimney caps installed on his home.

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