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Chimney Caps Dallas

Full coverage chimney cap

We have a chimney cap in Dallas for every budget, size of chimney, and style of chimney cap. Our caps are lifetime guaranteed, animal proofed, and water protection lids.

Masters Services chimney caps Dallas division sells and fabricates chimney caps. Our caps are full coverage chimney caps that protect the top of the chimney. Masonry chimney tops are topped off with a bed of mortar called the mortar crown or mortar cap. This mortar is exposed to the sun and the rain. Dallas has a harsh climate for the top of a chimney, with 100 degree days and high winds and strong thunder storms. Erosion is the product of moisture and heat, not good for an exposed chimney top. A full coverage chimney cap is the solution.

Home builders do not install chimney caps on masonry chimneys unless the buyer requests a chimney cap to be installed. Chimney caps are not code for a masonry chimney because the damper is the air flow shut off to the house. This has always been a problem for me because 75% of all damage to a chimney and fireplace could be prevented by having a full coverage chimney cap. I have inspected chimneys 50 years old that have had a chimney cap on them that didn’t need any repairs. I have inspected many chimneys that are under 20 years old that have not had a chimney cap that need over $1000 worth of work.

When shopping for a chimney cap for your home you should consider asking yourself…


  • How long are you going to be in the home?
  • What do I want my chimney cap to look like?
  • How much do I want to spend?
  • Is my cap I choose going to keep out water?
  • Will the chimney cap I choose protect the mortar crown and top row of brick?
  • Will the cap I am going to choose keep out larger animals like raccoons or squirrels?
  • Is the chimney cap going to rust?
  • Will the chimney cap raise the value of my property?
  • Masters Services chimney caps Dallas solves all of these questions about the water, animals, and protection. Why do you need to consider the how long you are going to be in the home? You want to make an educated decision on how much you would like to spend on a house you may own forever or just a short amount of time. I would always go with a full coverage chimney cap to stop all the deterioration and animal penetration and choose the #1 with a flat lid because it is the minimum priced cap. The #1 is our best seller because of the price, however the #2 has started to become a really good purchase because of its appearance. Last summer a gentlemen was selling his home and wanted the cheapest cap we had to install. Upon inspection a mother raccoon had just given birth about a week earlier in the chimney behind the damper. Cheap caps that do not cover the entire chimney top do not keep out raccoons. The funny thing was that he had a cheap cap the mother raccoon knocked off to get into the chimney! He bought a #1 chimney cap. I don’t just sell full coverage chimney caps because they make us more money, I firmly believe in solving your chimney problems. Our chimney caps Dallas solves almost every water and animal problem for the chimney and fireplace with our full coverage chimney caps.

    Here is a picture of some other style options Masters Services has for your chimney.

    Chimney cap choices

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