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The Woodlands Chimney Caps

The best place to get the best The Woodlands chimney caps is Master Services (713) 723-4854.

Do you know how to tell if your chimney cap is in need of replacement? These are some ideas of things that can be happening that may warrant a chimney cap replacement. Water leaking into your fireplace, birds or other animals getting into the chimney, nesting materials in the flue that are causing smoke to back up into the house, having drafting issues can all be indicators that you need The Woodlands chimney caps installed.

When it comes to things like my chimney I like to make sure that the services and products I use are not ones that will cause me to have to repeat the same service or repair in a matter of months. I like things to last, even if it means spending a little more money to get a good product. When it comes to The Woodland chimney caps, you can most certainly find them in stock at your local hardware store. These chimney caps are flimsy at best, through the years that Master Services has been making and installing The Woodlands chimney caps we have seen numerous examples of homes where this was the cap in place and it did not hold up to the job and in some cases created damage where it should have been protecting the chimney and chase.

At Master Services The Woodlands chimney caps we install are made right here in our own metal shop where we produce chimney caps and chimney related items. This shop came about through our research and use of many different manufactures’ products and finding that there was nothing with performance that stands up to the chimney caps that we are able to custom produce for your home.

Master Services makes all of The Woodlands chimney caps with 24 gauge colored steel, along with ensuring that they are wrapped with 18 gauge mesh metal to ensure that birds and animals are not able to enter the chimney. This helps not only to keep animals out of your home but also to prevent the buildup of nesting materials that leads to most chimney fires. By using the colored steel we are able to offer you a product that does not peel or flake after time. All of The Woodlands chimney caps we install come with transferable lifetime warranties.

If you have any question about The Woodlands chimney caps and your chimney call us for a free chimney cap estimate.

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