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Sugarland Chimney Caps

Sugarland chimney caps are vital to the correct function of your chimney, call Master Services if yours needs some help (713) 723-4854.

There are a few key reasons that you should have Sugarland chimney caps installed on your home. They are not just in place for their looks; they actually have a very important role to play in your chimney operation. Having Sugarland chimney caps in place helps to eliminate most of the moisture penetration from the flue, this in turn protects your damper from rust. It also ensures that your flue is kept in good working order by not allowing moisture to enter and crack the flue. It also eliminates damage to the brick and mortar in your firebox, mortar crown and first course of bricks as it keeps these area protected from heat and water exposure. With less moisture being able to get to the firebox while Sugarland chimney caps are in place you reduce the amount of cracks that occur in the back wall of your chimney. Birds and animals are no longer a problem with custom Sugarland chimney caps as they cannot roost or sit on top of the mortar crown to gain access.

As you can see, keeping all of these things in great working order can depend heavily on Sugarland chimney caps being installed and functioning properly. Now, if you have just read this description and are lost at where to start in ensuring that your fireplace and chimney are in perfect working order the best thing to do is call for a full inspection.

During a chimney inspection the technician should get onto your roof and look at the integrity of your Sugarland chimney caps along with how well the mortar crown and flue are functioning. Is your chimney cap doing all that it is supposed to? Is it rusted? If so you will need to look into repairing or replacing it to prevent any future damage to your home and to your pocketbook.

To get an inspection or even an evaluation on your Sugarland chimney caps, call Master Services (713) 723-4854. Master Services started in the chimney business over 16 years ago with Chad and Christa Murray at the helm. We have and will always be a local family owned and run business. Through this we are able to offer you the best quality products at the best price to you. Over the time we have been working on chimneys we found that for the best Sugarland chimney caps we had to make them ourselves, this lead us to open our own metal shop where we manufacture custom Sugarland chimney caps and other chimney related items. By doing this we are proud to offer you a transferable Lifetime Warranty on your chimney cap.

If you are unsure of the performance of your chimney cap or chimney call us today for an evaluation.

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