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Spark Arrestor Termination Cap

Spark Arrestor Termination Cap

Masters Services orders spark arrestor termination cap from 4 different suppliers to keep up with demand. There is no guarantee which spark arrestor is in stock due to high demand from manufacturers.
Chase Cover pan for Chimneys

Here are some the most available.

Chase cover
Chimney Chase Cover


Termination caps are the factory built chimney cap minimum choice to meet code requirements. There is a manufacturers mandate that only their UL Listed termination caps are to be used on their fireplace systems. If the pipe was designed for fabricated for a certain spark arrestor termination cap then that is the only chimney cap that should be installed on that system.

Every spark arrestor termination cap must be installed on the flue pipe of a factory built fireplace. One manufacturers termination cap may not be installed onto another manufacturers flue pipe. There is much debate of this in the chimney industry. If a manufacturer is out of business and a termination cap that cannot be found the code implies to change the entire fireplace system. Problem is all spark arrestor termination caps are UL Listed to the same specifications so why not interchange them between manufacturers.

Why would a homeowner be forced to do a complete remodel of the fireplace because of a $50 part that could be found from another manufacturer. Certified Chimney Professionals and Certified Chimney Sweeps are sworn to a oath of integrity to adhere to all codes and procedures. The same issue is for refractory panels. Manufacturers do not keep up with production so obtaining these parts is not quick or easy. After market parts are often made better and quick to get installed.

When getting your chase cover and spark arrestor replaced be sure to ask if its the same manufacturer.


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