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Protect Chimneys from Birds with a Chimney Cap

Brown Custom Chimney Cap

By having a chimney cap, Dallas residents can be worry free of birds nesting in their chimneys.

If  you have previously had birds nesting  in your chimney you know that it can be extremely inconvenient. If you have had birds nest in your chimney once chances are those birds or others will most likely come back.

Birds can be very loud if they are living in your chimney. Sometimes you will even be able to hear young chicks chirping loudly from the fireplace. It will be very difficult to relax in your house with the noise caused by a bird building a nest. The noise alone is a great reason to consider purchasing a chimney cap but there are also additional benefits.

Some birds can actually enter the house through the chimney and cause damage to the home.  There is actually a bird called the chimney swift which likes to build their nest in a chimney. You will need a professional to come out an assess the situation and determine the type of bird in your chimney. In the case that the birds are chimney swifts they actually wouldn’t be allowed to be removed. They are protected by law and fines of $10,000 or jail time might be applied if the birds are removed from the chimney. For most other types of birds a professional can remove the bird and install a chimney cap. Dallas residents can rest assured that they won’t have birds in their chimney once the cap is installed.

Suppose that birds are no longer living in the chimney and have only left their nest behind. The chimney will still need to be cleanse for two reasons. One the nest needs to be removed and two the bird feces need to be cleaned by a professional with the proper safety equipment. When coming in contact with bird feces one can contract Histoplasmosis which can cause lung problems.

If you would like to avoid all of the problems that can be caused by birds then do yourself a favor and call a chimney cap Dallas specialist. Master Caps has been tried and tested by numerous happy customers.

All chimney caps are designed up to the current codes and standards as well as installed by the proper code methods for each style of chimney cap. Scroll down for cap options. All chimney caps are lifetime guaranteed and professionally installed.

  • Stops water penetration and damage: Water erodes the mortar joints and allows mold to enter your house.
  • Keeps out any bird or animal guaranteed: Nesting debris creates a fire hazard, and you would be shocked if you knew what can live or even DIE in your chimney. Common invaders include: raccoons, squirrels, birds, snakes, ducks, and rats. Animals must be removed before any cap can be installed.
  • Protects brick and mortar on your chimney:Protects the mortar crown and the first row of brick from sun and water damage.
  • Made from 24 gauge colored steel(not spray painted)
  • Cap colors chart, $25 for colors not in stock. Matte Black and Mansard Brown are always in stock. Kynar 500 finished.
  • Copper & Stainless Steel available.
  • Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Custom fit any chimney top.

Our chimney caps are all made from a flat sheet of metal. Cut out from patterns and bent on a 10′ brake (metal bender) Masters Services then will rivet all the pieces together for a perfect fit to your exact chimney top. Many options of styles of chimney caps are available as seen below. If you have seen a neighbors chimney cap that you prefer or one online please give us the opportunity to fabricate the same chimney cap. We can maybe tweak it to look similar but different from your neighbors.

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