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To Install Houston Chimney Caps contact Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

Chimney caps are vital to the function as well as the maintenance of your chimney. They are placed to prevent water leakage and water damage along the top row of bricks on your chimney, known as the mortar crown. Install of Houston chimney caps prevents the mortar and brick damage that occurs when the mortar crown is left unprotected and open to the weather and sun along with water entering your home and causing mold and mildew problems.

When you install Houston chimney caps they should also prevent the entry of birds, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, rats and any other animal that would like to use your chimney as breeding grounds for the season. Nesting materials and debris that gets into your chimney can cause smoking issues and can ultimately, lead to chimney and house fires. Not to mention that any of these animals or their offspring can then enter your home and cause more trouble along with the possibility of them dying in your chimney or home. Prevention of entrance from animals is a guaranteed standard design on all of the chimney caps that Masters Services offers.

If you are having trouble with your fireplace not drafting well, water leaking into your flue, birds nesting in your chimney or any other problem with your chimney cap, or if you have no cap at all. You need to install Houston chimney caps. Getting the best quality install of Houston chimney caps will save you money and effort in the repair of problems caused by not having one on your home. Problems like the brick in your chase crumbling due to exposure to water and sun, any wood in your chase rotting due to nothing protecting it from water exposure.
At Masters Services we install Houston chimney caps on a daily basis for the last 16 years. We offer transferable Lifetime Warranties on all of our caps. They are made in our metal shop that produces only caps and chimney related items. All of our chimney caps are made of 24 gauge colored steel. We do not spray paint our caps. They are made of colored steel to prevent the loss and peeling of color over time, letting them age well with your home.

At Masters Services we offer free estimates where the technician will come to your home and inspect your current chimney cap for function and to ensure that it is up to code with the current fireplace and chimney standards. The technician will also look at the quality and condition of your mortar crown work. If there are any cracks or deterioration in the mortar we will recommend handling to ensure the best function of your chimney. When this is done and you are ready to install Houston chimney caps we will install yours within a matter of days from your time of approval. Contact us for a free quote today!

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