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Do you have problems with your chimney caps?

Flat Lid Chimney Cap

Do you have home problems that are coming from your chimney caps?

chimney chase repair

The most annoying feeling in the world is waking up at the crack of dawn to the sounds of  a bird fight that seems like it’s right outside your window, and you can shoo the birds away, but it’s not. There’s nothing more nerve racking than walking into your home to putrid odors and flipping your house upside down to find the source…. to no avail. The solutions to these problems in your chimney are simple, chimney caps.


Chimney caps are made to cover the opening from the chimney top, to the outside to prevent birds, raccoon, squirrels, and insect nests from inhabiting the chimney. The chimney caps are relatively inexpensive, and one installation is all it takes. Without proper chimney caps, there is no other preventative measure of keeping animals, their debris, rain water, and other unwanted materials, out of your chimney. There is even a specific type of bird, named a chimney swift, that purposely nests in chimneys until they feel the need to become nomadic again. The habitation of animals and their debris in the chimney also creates a fire hazard. Your fires will not yield a “clean” burn and the chimney will have to be serviced. 

One important factor to consider when deliberating whether or not chimney caps are worth the effort is how much money the caps will save you. Without the chimney caps, thousands of unnecessary dollars will need to repeatedly be spent on repairs to the chimney and fire box, clean up, sanitation. One installation of chimney caps and and you will be guaranteed a animal-proof chimney. After the installation, there is no wear and tear and no maintenance needed. Not to mention the cosmetic enhancement the caps give your home. They don’t have to be plain or boring pieces of metal atop your chimney. We can fabricate the cap to look like what ever design you desire, in many different types of metal, and in what ever color. 

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You don’t have to wake up to unforeseen surprises ever so often from new, unannounced guest in your chimney. Save the thousands of dollars that you would spend on chimney repair every year for something you really want. Call Masters Services for all of your chimney cap answers. 

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