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Damage prevention with a Dallas Chimney Cap

Chimney Chase Repair During Process

Quickly and easily prevent chimney and home damage with the installation of a Chimney Cap. Dallas residents find relief with the addition of a professional installed chimney cap from Mater Services. A Dallas Chimney Cap can help prevent damage caused to chimneys a number of different ways.

A chimney cap will prevent damage caused to your chimney by reducing the amount of water that enters the chimney. Rain and water can cause irreparable damage to a chimney. Water that has continued to soak the chimney for a long period of time can actually cause mold which is not good. Some specialists say that if the chimney cap only kept out of the rain it would be worth installing. Most chimneys that are over four years old and do not have a chimney cap have some sometime of water damage. The rain can actually cause the chimney to crumble in some areas which is dangerous. Rain can also cause a foul  smell in the chimney which is hard to get rid of. Rain also speeds up the rusting which is not good for the mortar joints.

Our chimney caps are all made from a flat sheet of metal. Cut out from patterns and bent on a 10′ brake (metal bender) Masters Services then will rivet all the pieces together for a perfect fit to your exact chimney top. Many options of styles of chimney caps are available as seen below. If you have seen a neighbors chimney cap that you prefer or one online please give us the opportunity to fabricate the same chimney cap. We can maybe tweak it to look similar but different from your neighbors.

Keep Your Home Safe With a Dallas Chimney Cap

A Dallas chimney cap, residents will find, also keeps out leaves, branches, and other debris that could fall into the chimney. Leaves sound harmless but they can actually choke the flue and cause a chimney fire. A cap will reduce the amount of backpuffing you experience. Backpuffing is when smoke comes back into your house instead of up the chimney. This can cause health risks and even home damage.

One reason someone might not have already installed a chimney cap on their house is because they haven’t heard of it before. When you start researching all of the damage to your home and chimney that it prevents it makes a compelling argument as to why having one is so important.

There are some many reasons why a homeowner would want to add the best chimney cap Dallas has to offer.

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