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Custom Houston Chimney Caps

Now is the time to get your custom Houston chimney caps, call Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

Since winter is coming to a close, now is a great time to take note of anything that was less than perfect about your chimney this year and get it looked at and repaired including custom Houston chimney caps. If you experienced any birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats or any other animals in your chimney this year then, custom Houston chimney caps are the answer to your problems.

Custom Houston chimney caps serve many functions on a chimney. One very key function they preform is to keep the chimney chase protected from weather and elements that would other-wise deteriorate the mortar crown and chase. When not protected this can cause the mortar and brick work to crumble along with the chase to rot and need full replacement. A much less expensive way to prevent these repairs is to have custom Houston chimney caps installed on your chimney.

If you have had troubles with water leaks in your chimney in the past one of the first things you can check is if the caulking has rotted or dried out. The cap is only as good as the caulk that was used during installation. With custom Houston chimney caps you never have to worry about this being an issue. As we use guaranteed “no leak” technology that does not use caulk at all, there is collar lip that is added to all of our custom Houston chimney caps to prevent this. (Note: The cap is one of many places a leak can be coming from. To ensure your chimney is fully waterproof a full inspection would need to be done.)

Another key thing that custom Houston chimney caps prevent is unwanted entry into your chimney and home from nuisance wildlife animals. Have you been woken up from something banging around in your chimney? Come home to a bird in your living room? Or heard the chirping of a bird that has nested in your chimney? Want to know how to prevent all of this? Custom Houston chimney caps are the answer. They are screened in with 18 gauge steel mesh that keeps animals out. This in turn helps to prevent chimney and home fires that result from nesting materials and debris from collecting in your fireplace.

Masters Services Inc. (713) 723-4854 has been in the custom Houston chimney caps business for over 16 years. We have been and will always be a family owned and run business. We fabricate our own chimney caps in house in order to offer you the best product available for your home. All of our custom Houston chimney caps come with a transferable lifetime warranty. Our custom Houston chimney caps are made from 24 gauge colored steel, this prevents the color from peeling and chipping as it happens when the color is spray painted on. Call us today for a free estimate for your custom Houston chimney caps.

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