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Chimney Caps Wildlife Removal

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DFW & Houston’s award winning chimney sweep, chimney cap installer, and wildlife removal service. Appointments available today and tomorrow.

Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professonal. We have the proper training to upgrade, repair, and service you fireplace and chimney. Don’t just call any company that advertises that they do chimney sweeping, call the trained professional at Masters Services.

Masters Services does not only install chimney caps, but we are aslo the fabricator. We sell chimney caps across the country to other chimney sweeps and contractors. Master Caps are lifetime warrantied, made from superior metals, and protect the chimney from water damage and invading critters.

Question: Why hire Masters Services for your chimney cap?

Answer: We offer many styles that no other chimney service offers as not tomention the above paragraph.


Wildlife removal from attics, chimneys, under porches, soffits, garages, or anywhere on privately owned residential or commercial property.

raccoons in chimneyQuestions: What does Masters Services do for wildlife removal? Raccoon in attic? Squirrel in the attic? Opossum in back yard? Armadillo digging up the flower beds? Bats in the attic? Rats in attic? Skunk hole by A/C unit? Snake in the garage? Dead animal smell coming from the attic or A/C vent?

Answer: Yes we get rid of all these problems for you.

Better Answer: We not only get rid of these problems we handle the clean up, repairs, and deodorizing and sanitizing.

Masters Services ratings are the best in the chimney and wildlife industry. Hire the best Chimney Sweep Caps Wildlife Removal service in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

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