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Chimney Caps Houston

Copper Chimney Cap Bell Custom Made

Our most base style chimney cap in Houston is the #1 chimney cap. The #1 chimney caps features are:

  1. Covers entire chimney top and mortar crown
  2. Keeps out most of the damaging moisture that rains in chimneys
  3. Steel screen completely keeps birds and animals from entering the chimney
  4. Covers the first row of brick or stone
  5. Looks good
  6. Color choices (steel colors can match almost any roof or trim colors)
  7. Metal choices (steel, copper, galvalume, galvanized, stainless steel, paint grip)
  8. Our caps function as a spark arrestor for embers coming out of the chimney

Masters Services always does FREE chimney cap estimates.

Also available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa areas. Ask for an additional $10 off discount for reading this blog post.

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