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Houston Chimney Cap Quiz

Options for Chimney Cap Designs
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1. Why do you need a chimney cap?

To keep out rain damage to my flue liner.
To stop animal from living in my chimney.
Protect the top row of the chimney and mortar crown.
All of the above.

2. Which is the best kind of chimney cap?

Flue cover only.
Brick dome covering the chimney top.
Chimney cap that fits the top row of brick covering the mortar crown.
Chimney cap purchased from a box store.

3. How long is the warranty on a Masters Services chimney cap?

1 year
5 years
20 years
Transferable lifetime

4. What colors are custom chimney caps available in?

Any custom color found on our color chart.

5. When is the best time to get a chimney cap installed?

In the winter.
Once I find that my chimney is leaking.
When I have my roof redone.
When I first purchase and move into my home.

6. What to do you have to to prepare your home for a chimney cap install?

No fire the night before.
Clean up the house before I let the technician in.
Paint my chimney chase to match my new cap.
Nothing, we can install a cap while you are at work for your convenience.

7. What animals can a chimney cap keep out?

Elephants, tigers and bears.
Birds, squirrels and raccoons.
My crazy neighbor.
All of the above.

8. Who is the best person to purchase a chimney cap from?

Chimney sweep who purchased a cap from a metal fabrication shop.
A chimney sweep who is also the owner of said metal fabrication shop.
Chimney sweep who purchases from a big box store.
A big box store and do the install myself.

9. Which Masters Services chimney cap is the best cap to choose for your home?

All of them, they all function the same.
#1 Cap

10. Bonus question: How many chimney caps does Masters Services fabricate and install per year?

Over 500

Score =
Correct answers:

What is the function and life of a Houston chimney cap?

When you look at your chimney did you know there are about 25 parts that all function together to ensure your chimney and fireplace are working in harmony? There are. And the not so funny thing is, when even one of those parts is not working correctly the results can vary from a little as not a good amount of heat coming back into your house from the fire all the way to an uncontrolled home fire.

One item that can cause or save you a lot of grief and repairs on your fireplace is a Houston chimney cap. Having one in place will protect your chimney chase from deterioration due to the elements, help keep animals out of your home, protect the top rows of bricks on your chase from spalling as well as keep rain out of your chimney and on and on. When you have a custom Houston chimney cap made and installed by Masters Services (713) 723-4854 it comes with a transferable lifetime warranty, you will no longer have to worry about your cap.

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