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Custom Chimney Caps Cypress

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When was the last time you thought about your chimney? For some homeowners, the answer is last winter. However this is actually the perfect time to have your chimney serviced! Think about it: you’re not using the chimney right now, and winter is just around the corner. That’s right. Before you know it, you’ll be wanting to get cozy by a nice fire…. and when the time finally does come, will you be fully prepared? Call Masters Services today so we can help you fully prepare your chimney for the upcoming winter season. We can help you with everything from a chimney inspection, to a cleaning, to custom chimney caps Cypress.

When it comes to properly maintaining your chimney, custom chimney caps Cypress are a really big deal. Some people think custom chimney caps Cypress are mainly for decoration, however this is not the case. Custom chimney caps Cypress will keep any and all critters completely out of your chimney. Some other companies go ahead and sell people chimney caps that don’t cover the entire chimney, leaving some spots open for furry invaders to get through. These caps generally only prevent birds from entering the chimney. Because all other kinds of critters, including raccoons and squirrels, will try to enter your chimney, you really need to have better coverage. Also, custom chimney caps Cypress protect water from entering your chimney and possibly introducing mold into your home. Custom chimney caps Cypress also protect your roof from becoming damaged by sparks flying out of the chimney. Another great thing about custom chimney caps Cypress is they help your chimney ventilate properly. They also protect the mortar and first layer of brick from being damaged by the sun and water.

As you can see, custom chimney caps Cypress are extremely important for the well being of your chimney. If you don’t have anything at all covering your chimney, you will definitely want to think about investing in a custom cap. If you already have a cap, you should have it checked out to make sure that it’s providing all of the protection it needs to. If you call Masters Services for custom chimney caps Cypress, we will fabricate any cap that you can dream up. We also have several different impressive styles to choose from.

Call Masters Services at (713) 723-4854 for more information about custom chimney caps Cypress today.

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