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When was the last time that you had a chimney cleaning in Fort Worth?

When was the last time that you had a chimney cleaning in Fort Worth?

Chimney cleaning is a vital step in the care of your fireplace and chimney. Making sure that it is done on a routine basis will protect your home from serious damage. There is normal wear and tear on a fireplace that when fixed and corrected on a normal basis will save you thousands in repair bills.

Selecting a Chimney Cleaning Company

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When you are selecting a chimney cleaning company there is a very important information to look for, is the company that you are dealing with a Certified Chimney Professional. They are trained and certified in the current codes for fireplace and chimney safety. The goal is to keep you and your home safe when you are burning.

In the state of Texas anyone who is a chimney sweep does not also have to be a Certified Chimney Professional. This means that anyone with the knowledge of how to clean a chimney can do so. While this is great in terms of people being able to start up a business and offer a needed service it is also bad in terms of the experience and training to spot trouble spots before they end up costing you thousands in repair bills.

Masters Services has over 16 years of experience!

Masters Services Inc (817) 205-5749 has been in business for over 16 years. The company was started by high school sweethearts, Chad and Christa Murray in Denton, TX. It has always been family owned and operated. This gives us the opportunity to offer the best service as well as the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Our chimney caps are fabricated in our own metal fabrication shop where we use 24 gauge colored steel to ensure that our product lasts. We even offer a transferable Lifetime Warranty on all of our chimney caps. I am confident in saying that when you need a chimney cleaning in Fort Worth there is no one better to help you.

Masters Services (817) 205-5749, can help you with your chimney cleaning in Fort Worth.

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